May 2021 rant

In my previous post, I talked about doing things when nobody’s looking. This is the make or break attitude that separates winners from losers.

Losers do the right thing only when other people are watching. Winners consistently do the right thing.

If you want to get results, that’s a mindset you want to incorporate.

That’s something I failed at with piano. I feel bad looking back. Sure, I was only a little kid but my mother paid for piano lessons and I only practiced when she made me practice.

Strangely, I never improved. Imagine that. And she gave up after a year.

I learned to play Chopsticks, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and From a Wigwam. Yay.

So decades later, my mother is long dead and I’m composing Classical music. She never heard any of it. She would have been proud to know that I hired a piano teacher to teach me to read notes, then buried my face in Walter Piston’s and Berlioz/Richard Strauss’s orchestration books, and scores ranging from Beethoven’s 3rd to Ravel’s La Valse.

When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was play football. Every chance I got.

I got as far as I could go and as a young adult, I got in shape for semi-pro football. Then sprained my knee before the tryout. That ended that.

But looking back, that was great. One of the best things I’ve done.

It taught me persistence, direction, and drive. I turned some heads because it looked like I had all the right instincts. But in reality, you practice the same moves over and over again until they become instinctual. You could apply that to everything from boxing to piano.

Are these bugs or are they human?

The longer this “pandemic” goes on, the more I’m thinking this is all about control and has nothing to do with health.

If you’re still a member of the Fauci cult, then watch this video and tell me with a straight face how the fuck this is supposed to prevent spreading a disease? It’s not even 30 seconds long so I’m sure even Fauci cult people have the attention span to watch it.

So acting like an insect fools covid-19?

They actually believe this will work? Are they really this stupid?

These same people years ago would have said “how could anyone say the Nazis were just following orders?”

It’s because when nobody questions things, that shit happens.


If the herd is scared, they’re also scared. And when people are scared, they’re easily manipulated. Just like we’re seeing right now.

I’ve already said many, many times that the politicians don’t give a flying fuck about you. They just want to either 1) control you or, 2) get money from you.

Or both.

Thankfully there are a few politicians with their heads on straight. The governor of Florida is one of them. He’s been against forced masks forever. He’s also against forcing you to get an experimental vaccine. The Texas guy followed suit months later. Several others now don’t force masks.

And for the record, if you still want to wear a mask, then by all means, wear it. I’m not stopping you.

If you want to get the vaccine, then by all means, get it. I’m not stopping you.

But don’t try to force me to wear one or get the jab.

That’s the difference between me and everyone else. I’m for you deciding what strategy you think is the most effective. I’m for you deciding what you should do with your life.

I don’t want to live your life for you. And I expect you to stay out of mine.

Have you ever paid attention to TV commercials?

There are always those commercials where a drug company has a class action lawsuit against them. Because you’ll often find that the side effects were worse than the actual symptoms of what the drugs were supposed to fix.

How would this vaccine be any different? Already I’ve heard people are dropping dead.

When I grew up, Hank Aaron was the home run champion. And Marvelous Marvin Hagler was one of the best boxers of all-time.

Both dropped dead after taking the vaccine. But of course, you’re not supposed to even think it may be due to the vaccine. That’s a thought crime.

Then you have those stupid drug ads where you have some shiny happy people who are doing things totally unrelated to the drug and some guy rambles on about ask your doctor about such and such drug. Side effects may include blah blah blah.

Do you think I trust these drug companies?

I got a better idea. Eat right and exercise. Do both of those things and you won’t even need most of these drugs.

Then there’s the morons who think big daddy government is always right. There are plenty of times the government is wrong and is even sometimes the bad guy.

Let’s see…

Tuskegee experiment. Waco, TX. MKULTRA. Operation Fast and Furious. Operation Paperclip.

I could go on and on. That’s just off the top of my head.

To be clear, in the whole scheme of things, we’re better than most. But I definitely don’t trust any government in general because I’ve read enough history. I’ve learned that the more control they have over your lives, the worst results you end up getting. And authoritarian states usually end up killing groups of people, whoever is the hated group of people in that place and time.

The way they’re handling covid-19? Completely wrong.

The only question I have is are they doing this because they’re evil or are they doing this because they’re stupid?

We had preliminary statistics last year that showed obesity and lack of sunlight were the two controllable conditions that got folks killed. But have you heard the politicians urging folks to work out and get some sun? Of course not. Goes to show it was never about your health.

The idiots even closed the schools

I actually like going to work if I work with cool people. My previous job had a bunch of cool people. We had tons of inside jokes.

Like for one, we exaggerated how dumb American kids are. When one of our co-workers said he was from Serbia, we were like “that’s a city right by Moscow, right?”

At first, he got offended. Then he realized the joke. Americans can’t find shit on a map.

So, let’s close the schools and make the kids even dumber. (Insert eye roll emoji here).

Kids aren’t even dying of the virus. If you don’t believe me, look at CDC’s own page. It’s about as rare as a kid dying from pneumonia. Yes, it happens. But it’s so rare that closing the schools does way more harm than the virus.

In lighter news

People are wising up. I was just at the local gun show and people were buying guns like crazy. Which is awesome. I want to see more Americans with guns, not less.

You see, I’ve looked deeply into the eyes of many an American. And 9 times out of 10, I see a good person.

Not only that, only about five people at the show wore masks. Once again, I’ll remind you that I strongly support you if you want to wear a mask. I also strongly support you if you don’t. Just don’t expect me to follow your orders. I can live my life better than you could live my life. And by the same token, you could live your life better than I could live your life.

I strongly believe in the Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers were brilliant and we’re blessed we had the smartest founding fathers of any nation. It’s a shame today’s politicians pale in comparison.

Whose fault is that? Ours. We let it happen.

However, I’m not a black pill guy. I’ve seen enough genuinely good people wising up. Folks are thinking enough is enough and starting to see through all this quackery.

In the bar I go to, some folks got the vaccine. Some folks absolutely refused. Which is great. More power to both camps. Like I’ve said, just don’t expect me to do anything by force. If so, we’re gonna have a problem and you ain’t gonna like the results.

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  1. I have given up on convincing people to not trust the government and media on anything even before this “pandemic”. Like I commented on your previous post, people these days are lacking self-discipline. They would rather have someone else, be it their neighbor or government, to do the work for them. However, that’s not the most important reason. The most important reason on why I given up such endeavor: it was spoiling my focus. I’m losing out on stuff that I can create and learn.

    On a side note, I am convinced you will enjoy reading/watching One Piece. You will most certainly enjoy the themes expressed in that Japanese comic. Of course, it’s cool if you do not have the time to squeeze this in your schedule. (lol)

    1. Excellent attitude to have. Yeah, it’s all a distraction.

      And thanks! You just gave me an idea of what to get the Mrs. I’ll order 1-23 (the first anthology) as a surprise. She loves Manga. She’ll let me know if it’s good but I’m sure it is as you don’t become the top selling Manga writer by accident.

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