You’re So Beautiful

Well friends, I finally did it.

I started a weekly program on YouTube. It’s about my speed drawing technique. I take a pretty girl and draw her quickly.

Here’s my first episode:

You’re so beautiful – Episode 1 featuring Allie

I had a blast creating the intro. I just took some of the babes I worked with back in the Astral Eyes days from 2015-2017 and spliced video together. The intro features Jin & Nitda the most.

We also worked with Tori a lot but I didn’t do the video editing for the first 3 videos so I don’t have all those clips. Tori’s a beautiful woman and it’s a bummer I don’t own those clips. I would have loved to include her.

Long story short. I was the guitarist, pianist, harmony vocalist, and composer for the band Astral Eyes from 2015-2017. It was just me and Skitz, the lead singer/guitarist. We hired session musicians for everything else. The producer, Randy Burk, played the drums.

We made five videos together before Skitz left in mid-2017. I directed and edited the last 2, so those are the ones I have all the clips for.

I learned both directing and editing on the fly. Taught myself via YouTube videos. For the editing, I used Adobe Premier Pro which is $20/month and worth every penny. I love that program and highly recommend it.

After Skitz left, I made a short horror with some friends and hired Nitda, the only professional actress in the video. Matt was actually an actor in high school and I really hope he continues. My friend John is a friend of mine who shares my love for horror.

It turned out just ok, not bad for the first horror short. But the point is, I got really good at video editing.

I’m still a “student level” director though. Directing is a different beast entirely and the good ones put in years to get where they are.

Anyways, please subscribe to the channel. I need to build it to 1000 subs asap. At 1000, I can start having live interviews.

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