Life Amongst the NPCs Part III – When more people start dropping dead

It has become almost comical.

When someone collapses for no reason, or if they drop dead for no apparent reason, we’re not supposed to ask whether they’ve been vaccinated or not. Because that’s rude, right?

However, it’s ok to ask if you’ve been vaccinated for work. It’s ok to ask if you’ve been vaccinated to go into a freaking McDonalds.

But when people collapse, or even drop dead, it’s rude?

OK, you NPCs are getting dumber and dumber.

This is why I like memes. NPCs can’t meme. They don’t have the ability to.

They don’t have the ability to come up with original thoughts. Everything they say is parroting someone else. Everything.

They completely lack an original thought or idea.

Trump’s vaccine

Have you ever heard of Defiant L’s? They’re a popular account on Twitter that quotes crazy liberals contradicting themselves.

Back when it was “Trump’s vaccine,” it was the worst thing in the world and there’s no way in hell that they’ll take it.

Suddenly, it’s Biden’s vaccine and if you don’t take it, you deserve a quick and painful death. Yes, same people. Lots of instances of that.

Now, you know me. I’m technically neither left nor right. I don’t really have a dog in this fight.

I miss the old liberals, the ones who said “I don’t like what you’re saying but I’ll die for your Right to say it.”

Those liberals have pretty much all disappeared. They’re all pro-censorship now.

Which is sad. I miss those old ones. I could actually have conversations with them.

But I’m going on a tangent now. Let’s get back to the topic.

Shawn and I follow each other on Twitter. I like him:

You’ll note that it’s the ones who have been vaccinated who are having hissy fits if you’re not wearing a mask. You know why? Because we all know the jab doesn’t work. This dork below (I’m calling Andy the dork, not the good doctor) got six of them and still got the disease:

So Andy actually believes he’s better off with the jab. It’s become a cult. NPCs will do anything their cult leaders tell them to do, despite clear evidence that it’s all bullshit.

I’ve never had the jab. I got corona once. It was a joke. Beat it fast and I wouldn’t have even known I had it but I lost my taste for two days.

That’s it.

(Note that I’ve been supplementing Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, and quercetin, and I’m in phenomenal physical shape).

Whereas these jabbed people? They get it again and again.

Do I have empathy for them?

Yes, for the ones who were forced to get it. I do have empathy for them.

I get it. You got to pay the bills. The guy we got corona from was forced to get it or else he would have lost his job. He had kids to feed.

I have no empathy however for the NPCs. Remember when they said that if you got the jab, you won’t get sick? They also said that if you got the jab, you can’t spread it.

Both lies.

Told you so.

Carlin was right

Carlin nails it. From 2020-2022, we got lectured continuously by the NPCs. They wanted us to lose our jobs. And a lot of them wanted us dead. Some even said it. Check out what Howard Stern and Gene Simmons said about us.

Fuck them both. I’ve always hated Stern. It’s a bummer about Simmons though because I actually liked Kiss.

Luckily for us, the courts threw out the mandatory vaccines for employment. We got saved by the courts. It’s weird how people conveniently forget that.

It’s also weird that I still haven’t received a single apology from anyone. I’ve lost both friends and family members to this madness.

And finally, Catturd

And finally, if you’re an NPC, don’t debate me without reading the Twitter Files.

Seriously, don’t waste my time.

And also don’t dismiss them as right-wing propaganda. Two of the reporters are actually classical liberals. So maybe they still exist after all.

The elections thing is a tangent but more importantly for me personally, Big Tech colluded with the FBI and Big Pharma to censor those of us who spoke about against the Branch Covidians. And we got promptly banned for it.

So, you weren’t allowed to speak out against the Branch Covidians. If you’re not ok with this, then you’re not an NPC.

It’s going to be weird to watch the media continue to cover up why people are suddenly collapsing for no reason and dropping dead for no reason. For now, they’re giving every excuse in the book. But sooner or later, normal people (not the NPCs of course) will catch on.

Friends – for 2023, give yourself a really cool skill set! Learn to draw nudes. I’ll teach you how. It’s a super fun course and you get hundreds of reference pictures for free! And you know me – my models are hot.

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