I’ve done a 180 on running

I’ve talked about the benefits of sunlight many times. So I’d often tell the Mrs that I’m going for a walk, just to get some sun. Then, a real nice ass with a ponytail will fly by. And I’d suddenly get the inspiration to run.

I’ll come back covered in sweat. Which is one of the best things you can do for yourself. The more you sweat, the better. I’m not a scientist but I’m sure someone who really knows health can explain that.

Plus, you come back knowing you’ve accomplished something huge.

I specifically remember when I got depression as a teenager. I trained so hard for football. Then stopped working out entirely when I found out I had no career in pro sports.

Which led to depression.

Yes, your life needs purpose. But I also cut my workouts down to nil.

No wonder I was so miserable.

Running is the easiest to start up

You don’t need much to start running. Decent shoes and socks. Sweats or shorts. Then you just find a place and run.

Some folks like tracks. I personally hate them. I like trails because they’re more likely to have babes.

Plus I’m an extrovert. I don’t like working out alone. Even if it’s me and a bunch of people I’ll never meet. It’s still working out with people.

I don’t get runner’s high though. I simply run until I don’t want to run any more.

No order. No goals. Just run until I don’t feel like it.

Back when I studied fighting, I could run 6 miles in 45 minutes. That was 1994 though. I’m nowhere near that fast. I probably can’t even do a 7 minute mile any more.

Since I stopped fighting training in 2002, I haven’t run. At all.

I even became anti-running. I thought it would ruin my knees.

That, my friends, is called “rationalization.”

I finally came to terms with my anti-running mindset this year and simply started running. No plan. No goal. Just run.

You’ll see improvements almost immediately. Within months, I could run without getting winded. A quarter mile run became easy. Then a half mile. We do have those markers on the trail I use.

I don’t run for more than a few miles but I do run at a pretty fast pace. Nowhere near the numbers I said earlier, but for an older guy, I feel great.

I got an awesome high school running story

When I was a sophomore in high school, there was a chick in my grade who had real large titties. Poor girl probably had Ds in her sophomore year.

And she was smoking hot.

One day in PE, we had to run 2 miles. Timed. The gym coaches were all there and combined a few gym classes.

Well, we took off.

I was expecting to slaughter everyone. But to my surprise, we’ll call her B, took off faster than I did. I had a wtf moment.

Keep in mind, this was long before sports bras were any good. If they even existed, I’m sure they were garbage.

So there I was in 2nd place. And I hate losing. Especially to a girl.

To make it worse, she was smoking hot.

No way in hell I was going to lose to B.

Well, I gave that two miles everything I had and in the last 100 yards, I sprinted and barely passed her up. 2 miles, 11 minutes flat.

Then, I waited for everyone else to leave the field. And horked all over the place.

Which is fine. At least I didn’t lose to a girl.

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