Dipshits like Neil Young need to be mocked profusely

Remember a time when artists were unilaterally anti-censorship? Whether they came from the Left, Right, or Center, artists all agreed that censorship is unamerican.

I remember that time.

That time apparently has passed.

Y’all know I take my health seriously. I want to live to be 100 because that’s the best way I’m going to reach my lifelong goals.

I also take my brain very seriously. I drink copious amounts of coffee to keep my brain sharp. I’ve noticed that coffee drinkers tend to have lower rates of degenerative brain diseases.

I’ve also worked in a retirement home. I have a good idea who lives and who dies.

You don’t need to have a piece of paper from an accredited institution to notice real life shit. Most people I know personally, including a shitload of health care workers, I’ll outlive by decades.

Now where does this all tie in?

Neil Young’s censorship crusade backfires

So just in case you missed it, Neil Young called on Spotify to ban Joe Rogan. I’m a huge fan of Joe Rogan. As you know, I’m heavily into self-improvement. I want to get better at everything from health to art to relationships to finances.

You know what Joe Rogan does? He interviews people and talks about how to improve your health, your relationships, and your finances. Yeah, missing art but 3 out of 4 ain’t bad.

You know what Neil Young does? He writes overrated music that today, only about a dozen people who aren’t boomers care about. They call him the godfather of grunge, which as you know, I hate with a passion. Grunge is artistically a musical offshoot of Post Modernism, which quite frankly, is garbage “art.”

So what did Spotify do? They dropped Neil Young instead. Imagine – this dipshit says either he goes or I go. Joe Rogan brings in Spotify a shitload of business. Neil Young may bring in a few boomers, tops. So of course Spotify dumped Young.

So yeah, I’ll now mock Neil Young as the poster child of pro-censorship dipshits. Which is fine because I hate his music anyways.

And going back to Rogan, I’ll subscribe to Spotify now. The only Rogan I get are from YouTube clips. I’d love to paint to Rogan.

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  1. Neil who? The only Neil I know is Neil Armstrong, the astronaut. Then again I live on an island in the middle of the ocean so… Regardless, anyone who calls for deplatforming gets the boot.

    1. Agreed.

      I hate communists with a passion and still don’t believe in censoring them.

      And speaking of islands and astronauts, I forgot what Caribbean island we were on (I’m drinking heavily most of the time) but they had an astronaut exhibit. It was pretty cool. If I remember, I’ll post a few pics.

    1. RIP Neil Peart. Dang good musician. Had no idea he was also the primary lyricist.

      America doesn’t want Young either. Or maybe he can move in with some stinky America-hating hippie boomer. We do got a lot of those here, especially in San Francisco or Seattle.

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