Is blogging dead?

I’ve seen a bunch of clickbait articles lately that blogging is on the decline. Blogging is dead. Etc.

Or, if you want to make money, you can’t do a traditional blog.

Well, if you have a blog, what’s your purpose?

Mine is to write. I simply enjoy writing. I could care less about the money because I sell my paintings in person anyways (art shows and galleries).

Is mine dead? Far from it.

At the bottom of this page on your phone (bottom right if you’re on a laptop), you’ll see my visitor count. That number keeps going up and up.

People are reading this blog. Sure, mainly for the top articles.

Unfortunately, nobody’s reading my writings on Classical music, like my recent Violin Concerto article or my Brief History of Classical Music article. The latter is one of my favorites I’ve ever written as it was going to be the intro for a technical book I abandoned awhile back.

People like to read about life and relationships. And specific technical shit. My top article of all-time is about inking watercolor. That article alone has thousands of reads.

So it depends on what you’re doing with your blog. If you write well, you’ll have an audience. But you have to write at least an average of an article a week for a year or two before you generate traffic. Unless you do SEO crap which I’m unwilling to do.

I can’t stand writing for SEO. I don’t have any of those SEO apps on my blog. I write for humans, not for algorithms.

So no, blogging isn’t dead. If you want to start one, go ahead. I recommend WordPress because it’s super easy to use and it’s configurable. It’s also entirely Open Source if that matters to you.

If you want an audience, you just gotta be patient. They don’t come overnight.

Just like anything else, you gotta put the work in to be good.

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  1. Oh no… Now I have to close my blog because someone said blogging is dead… A truly tragic state of affairs affecting all bloggers. I wonder if there are alternatives to such a conundrum. (What a load of BS!)

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