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So another one joins the Rage For the Big Pharma Machine band. Yes, a play on words. I’ve always hated those poseurs who call themselves Rage Against the Machine. Their music sucks and they suck as people. Not a surprise they came out as corporate shrills for Big Pharma.

Now Joni Mitchell (yeah, I already know anyone who’s not a boomer will say “who?”) joined that Neil Young dipshit. I don’t know her music at all but since it’s pretty much boomer music, it more than likely sucks and we’re not missing anything.

OK, enough negative shit. Something positive now.

I got a new model. She’s a cutie and she’s local so I’ll see her more often than my other models who I left behind when we moved out of that previous shithole.

Yes, I miss them. But you gotta take care of the family first.

She’s super cool too. Can carry a conversation. And good at many things. I think there’s hope for the Zoomers.

What I’m listening to

I’ve had about the same dozen CDs in the CD player for months now. Which I don’t mind.

Yeah, we still listen to CDs. The artists make albums for a reason. Ask any artist and they’d much rather you listen to their entire album than its singles.

Four of them are relatively new. No, I’ll never be that geezer who complains “there’s no good music anymore.” That has always struck me as a lazy statement. There will always be good music written. You just gotta look for it.

Gunship’s Dark All Day, Sturgill Simpson’s Sound & Fury, The Weeknd’s After Hours, and Angela Aguilar’s Mexicana Enamorada are all excellent. Aguilar’s is entirely in Spanish, which I need to revamp.

I made fluency in 3 languages by 2030 a goal but I bumped it up to 2025 because that’s way too easy. It would take me a month in Costa Rica, Panama, or Colombia to become fluent in Spanish. I’d like to spend an entire summer in Romania too and I’d easily be fluent in that language as well. The latter though, we’ll see because I have to take into account finances.

80s movies

Recently, we’ve also watched some popular 80s movies that I somehow missed watching back in the 80s. Last night, we watched Stripes in its entirely. No, not a great movie. But plenty of gratuitous nudity and 80s humor. I don’t see a young one getting half the humor.

A few weeks ago, we watched Mad Max 2. I remember in high school someone telling me about the boomerang scene. For some odd reason, it stuck in my head. I watched Mad Max 1 a few years back which was super boring and of course, Beyond Thunderdome in the theater (back when it was released) which I loved. Tina Turner played a great bad guy.

Also I finally got around to watching the very first Beverly Hills Cop. It paces slowly for today’s audiences but I still enjoyed it.

None of them of course great movies but those were movies that I can’t believe I somehow missed seeing in the 80s. Name any other 80s movie that you absolutely had to see and more than likely, I’ve seen it.

My music

Oh and, I got some new guitar effect pedals. I decided to get back into making music despite it being a complete money pit. Not everything has to be about money. If you enjoy doing something, then do it.

Anyways, back to painting. That’s my last post for January 2022. It’s been a good month.

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