If you’re doing pro work, use pro tools

Hi. My name is Roman. And I’m a workaholic.

(Everyone claps).

I cannot stop working. It’s just what I do.

I work. All day long. Often all night long as well.

I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with an idea then never go back to sleep, working until the Mrs wakes up and makes me coffee. Then working the rest of the day like nothing is out of normal.

That’s how I ended up with cheap watercolor paper. Despite me warning folks never to use it, I bought it anyways.

Why? Because the cheap hobby store was the only place open and I ran out of the good stuff. I had to work on something.

Roxy painted on “student” watercolor paper. I’ll never do this again.

No, this painting will never be for sale. Nor will any of the paintings from this batch.

I’ll use the rest of the paper for experimentation. Like the big version of a watercolor notebook.

Pros use professional tools

If I didn’t have anything to work on, I’d go nuts. My hands have to be moving at all times.

I’m either playing guitar, piano, or drawing or painting. Or touching a beautiful woman. Or cooking.

My hands are like they have a life of their own. Always moving. Always doing something.

Not everything I do will go for sale. Actually, most of what I do won’t see the light of day.

I’ve written hundreds of songs for instance and I only have five for sale. That number will hopefully go up to 10 next year.

Now, this rant isn’t just about watercolor. It’s for anything. Imagine if professional American football leagues for instance stopped using pigskin footballs and replaced them with Nerfs.

Or imagine being a carpenter and having to use tools from the dollar store.

Or what if you’re a professional musician and you had to use an instrument under $100? Like the old Sears guitars with the strings an inch from the fretboard. Have fun with that.

Same thing. This paper is garbage. It couldn’t take my usual seven layers of paint. You can see it’s muddy and literally breaking apart in some areas.

It’s been years since I’ve used cheap watercolor paper and I forgot just how frustrating it is.

Now I remember.

It’s a shame as I actually like that drawing of Roxy.

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