Freedom over “safety”

Mermaids playing with the Kraken

You can judge folks by the words they use. My main model before Allie and Roxy said “I can’t” a lot. I mean, all the time. It was like her catch phrase.

No coincidence she never got good at anything.

You’ll also meet folks who don’t let the little stuff get to them. They’ll also appreciate what most folks take for granted.

This group, you want to hang out with more. They will age significantly better as well.

Notice the words they use. You’ll hear consistent patterns.

These folks have a more positive outlook towards life and their words will reflect that.

By the same token

I want to surround myself with folks who want to live life. I mean, really live.

I called out a lot of today’s artists as poseurs awhile back. They’re scared of the world.

That’s not an artist. That’s a coward.

Real artists aren’t afraid of life. We embrace life. We want to get the most out of life and it’s reflected in our works.

That’s where the Freedom over “safety” rant comes in.

America’s tagline used to be “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.” How many folks nowadays here value Freedom? How many folks nowadays can you honestly call Brave without busting up laughing?

Listen to folks’ words. That’s one reason I’m dumping a lot of friends this year. Scared of the world. Not doing anything. Not improving. Bitching about the news and politics.

No more of those people.

I want to surround myself with people who are alive. Folks who value the words “Freedom,” “Fun,” “Exciting,” and “Alive.” I’m tired of hearing the words “safe” and “safety.”

Those words are interfering with my fun. And before I befriend someone new, I’ll be more careful to listen to the words they use most often.

About the featured image

I’ve been close friends with both Allie and Roxy for several years now. But Sophia is a nice surprise.

Sophia’s alive. Really alive.

Fascinating woman too. She too questions the narrative. Thinks for herself.

We’ll definitely be keeping in touch.

This is all three of my models as mermaids, playing with the Kraken. Yes, that Kraken.

And what’s more deadly, the Kraken or a trio of mermaids?

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  1. I was reading through some historical bits today. I found a Wikipedia snippet about the Mermaid of Krakow. Im starting to believe that your mermaids are protecting you/us. Changed my perspective.

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