Now for something genuinely fun!

I’m not like most artists. For one, I don’t think I’m better than you. You’ll catch a lot of artists who are super arrogant. That’s not me.

Another, I don’t think art is magical. You need proficiency at the craft. Then you need an inspiration. Nothing more.

For another, I fully believe that we were all born artists. Yes, that includes you. Even if you’re doing stick figures now, I’m quite sure when you were a child, you enjoyed creating with crayons.

What happened to that child? Did that child continue? Or did someone along the way discourage that child?

Unfortunately, the latter for most people. That’s why so many of us quit.

And lastly, I used to tutor children with learning disabilities. I love to teach. Most artists hate teaching and the few who don’t suck at it. Because artists are very rarely good communicators.

Naked women

And best of all, take a guess what the subject matter is?

Y’all know me. You know my past. You know my present. You know what I like.

That’s right – beautiful women.

So, I created a course on painting beautiful nude women. I can teach you how to draw beautiful nudes, even if you’re now only drawing stick figures. My only friend that I can’t teach how to draw is one whose hand is so damaged that he doesn’t have the mobility to hold a pencil.

If you can hold a pencil, I can teach you how to draw. He’s the only exception. And you know me – I’m an extrovert. I know a lot of people. So there’s only one I can’t teach, due to injury.

If you got working hands, you can draw. Seriously!

What does it come with?

Over two and a half hour of video lessons. Homework assignments that actually will get you results. And hundreds of images of beautiful nudes for reference.

I teach you how to go from a stick figure to a beautiful woman. You’ll need to follow the lessons in order because there’s a step-by-step approach. An easily repeatable process.

If you got working hands, you can do this!

So start your 2023 with something fun! Learn a new skill set.

Heck, if I were single, I’d seriously use this as part of my gaming strategy. (Don’t tell anyone I said that).

So click here and get started. You’ll love this!

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