Shoot that alien in the face!

It seemed like forever ago.

A friend of mine worked with a beautiful blonde. She always had the most radiant smile when I saw her.

So one day, we just started talking.

And lo and behold, became friends.

I’ve talked about platonic friendships between men and women before. And y’all know I’m stipulation #3. I got a great wife. So yes.

Anyways, somehow my cartooning came up. And she wanted me to draw her.

You already know the rest.

Fast forward six years. Yes, she’s still 20-something. And still gorgeous, even after becoming a mom.

Yes, being a mom is no excuse to look like shit. Americans wonder why our divorce rates are so high. Well, have you looked at the average American?

I’ve always said a 5 in the 80s would be an 8 today. That’s what happens when a culture no longer values beauty.

So yes, she’s still smoking hot. And now she’s also one of my besties.


I’ve always been a Fantasy guy. But flipping through my latest Frazetta book, I decided I’m going to have to do some SciFi.

Allie posed with a toy gun and I’ll convert it into one of those SciFi ray guns.

I’ll just need to figure out how to draw an alien.

I haven’t decided which of these poses I’ll do but so far, they’re all fun.

And here are 3 of them. I wanted to do a lighter blog post because I’m getting sick of the Branch Covidians, as my man Eric July calls them.

Have a great weekend, y’all.

Haven’t decided if I want a dead alien or an alien ally beside our heroine
If I do this one, there will have to be a dead alien on the ground missing its stupid head
Yes, she’s holding a gun but I ran out of room because the drawing paper is only 11″x14″

One of those shots will be my next painting. For now, getting ready to go drinking with a former co-worker.

I can teach you to draw like this. Even if you’re only now drawing stick figures.

The course is over 2 and a half hours of instruction with hundreds of reference photos of beautiful women. You know me. I’ll only provide you the best.

Whereas my competitors are making you draw 300 pound women and chicks with dicks, I’m providing you with hot babes.

Plus, unlike my competitors, I can actually teach. I got kids with severe learning disabilities to pass their classes.

So check it out –

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