Losers love to speak for everyone

Just by looking at the guy, you could tell he’s a loser. Then he opens his mouth and proves it.

This is a consistent problem we have in life though. You often have to pry valuable information out of the people who really know their shit.

But losers like this? He thinks he speaks for all men.

My wife is happy. Very happy in fact.

So are Allie and Roxy. They both married manly men. Men who are the farthest thing in the world from losers like Mr. Smith here.

You’ll find happily married women. They almost always have something in common – their men are manly men.

I met both Allie’s and Roxy’s future husbands while they were still dating. And liked them immediately.

Manly men aren’t threatened by other manly men. Instead, we usually get along immediately.

We look for commonalities.

And enjoy being men.

Just like feminine women enjoy being women. Because being a feminine woman is awesome. Femininity has powers.

And masculinity has strengths. Not just physical strengths. But also mental. And emotional.

Masculine men know there’s a time to put your nose to the grindstone. Masculine men also know there’s a time to pop open a beer and enjoy the game.

I don’t know Mr. Smith personally. But I can already safely guess he has a poor work ethic. He looks at his feet when he walks. And he’s in horrible physical shape.

Roxy’s husband runs really fast. He’s excellent at sports.

Allie’s husband is super strong. A weightlifter, he can lift way more than I can. And I’m pretty strong, so that’s really saying something.

But it’s not just physical strength as I said earlier.

There’s a mental toughness.

Life will test you. Again and again.

Sometimes life will break you. As it broke Mr. Smith.

Give me the same tests and I guarantee I will not only pass them, I’ll come out stronger. Same goes for Allie’s husband. Same goes for Roxy’s husband.

Because, masculinity is awesome.

It’s good to be a man. And anyone who says otherwise is a loser.

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  1. You perfectly described it. You’ll notice the “Soy Castrati” as I call them all seem to have the same physiognomy and behavior: low testosterone, high BMI, they don’t challenge anything and they attempt to make themselves more agreeable to women than to men. Glad both of your daughters found good men. Sounds like their mother did too. šŸ‘Š

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