But don’t be a cartoon male either

I’ve discussed what happens when masculinity disappears for a generation. I’ve also given you real life examples of beta males.

Unfortunately, when humans “correct,” we tend to overdo it.

So with this crisis in lack of masculinity, here comes cartoon male to the rescue!

A one-dimensional, almost cartoonish figure of masculinity. No depth. No character. Just a real life cartoon character.

An over-correction if you will.

How did it happen? Well, you have a male populace who knows they’re supposed to be masculine, but they have no idea what masculinity is. So rather than actually developing a real personality, they copy what cartoon male espouses as masculine archetypes.

And thus, you got an equally boring male on the other extreme. He’s buffed. He’s brash. He’s completely devoid of character.

Develop some skill sets

So what do I recommend instead of blindly following these cartoon characters?

Develop some skill sets.

You got an internet with all the world’s knowledge on your phone! Start learning how to do something cool.

Want to learn a trade? You could watch people online literally doing it.

Want to learn a musical instrument? You got some people offering how to teach you. Often for free or a small fee.

Want to learn how to draw? I could teach you that.

Want to learn a foreign language? I bought the Duolingo app a few weeks back and love it.

Heck, just socialize more with regular people. Get to know your neighbors. Contribute to your local community. Be a human being!

Or, we could just parade around, stick our chests out, and brag that we’re G’s while renting an Italian sports car and a good photographer. Then when asked what masculinity is, just say “fuck you! I’m the real G, bitch! Haven’t you seen the pictures?”

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