Bartenders get laid

My favorite bartender in the San Francisco area was skinny and goofy looking.

That motherfucker could outdrink anyone though. I wonder where the alcohol went because he really was rail thin.

Anyways, he always had a hot girlfriend. And always also had attractive female friends.

Was his girl jealous? I’m sure she was.

That’s a good thing. Keeps her on her toes.

She knows that he could have easily converted half those hot female friends to his girlfriend if she ever left him. He’d just pick someone younger and cuter. Just like that.

Well, bummer to see you go.

One week later, he’d be with another girl.

Oh. Did I mention that he was skinny and goofy looking?

Learn to talk

I can’t stress this enough. Humans are social creatures.

That’s how we defeated the sabertooth tiger.

You know lions and tigers today?



The sabertooth would have torn them to pieces. Yet, we wiped them out to extinction.


We talked.

“Grog. I go this way and say ‘boo’ really loud. He look at me. You hit him with spear.”

Paraphrased of course but that’s probably how it went down.

We communicated. Sure, they also had communication but not on our level.

So we won. They lost. They’re now extinct. And we’re the world’s dominant species. So dominant in fact that our biggest enemy is each other.

Women wanted to fuck men who could talk because talking is what kept the species going. Talking is what converted us from 4′ vegetarians to the 6′ dominant species we are today.

Yes, study human evolution. We used to be 4′ vegetarians and literally food for other species. Now, everyone else is food for us.

So no, not big ass gym muscles like all the Twitter Alpha Males (insert trademark emoji here) talk about endlessly. Those are great, don’t get me wrong. But you can have big ass muscles and still not get laid.


But then again, not just any talking. If you want more detail, then read my article on incels.

My bartender had hotter chicks than Twitter Alpha Male. I was there. Twitter Alpha Male refuses to post pics. For a good reason.

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