Love who loves you back

I saw Tokio Hotel years ago. I think it was on the Scream tour.

Good live act.

Not sure how big they got in the States. They’re a German pop band if you’ve never heard of them. They started off as kids, but anyone who starts off that young has the advantage of growth and experience.

Anyways, they got this song called “Love who loves you back.” Good song. From a solid album.

I won’t go into details about the song, just the title.

It’s great life advice.

I talked about the four important components of being a successful adult – health, relationships, finances, and passions. It’s rare to find folks who excel at all four.

I won’t lie and tell you I’m one of them. I got health down quite well. Financially not where I want to be but getting there. Passions – you’re seeing it between my blog, my painting, and my music.

Relationships – it took the lockdowns for me to realize I had to get rid of some shit.

Be kind only to those who deserve your kindness

This is something I didn’t learn until later in life. You have a limited kindness to give.

With some folks it’s a fuse. But we’ll stick with kindness for now to get to the main point.

You got a limited kindness to give. You also got limited love to give. It’s not unlimited.

Wasting either kindness or love on someone who doesn’t deserve it is one of the surest ways to make you doubt yourself. Don’t do that!

That’s where love who loves you back comes in.

And as a heterosexual man, let me tell you about filtering. Some women have glaring red flags. Feminism. The hair color of a poisonous reptile. Covered in tattoos. Hates men. Rarely smiles/frowns all the time. Face covered with piercings. Obese. Dresses like a clown.

These are red flags. There are plenty more but that’s a good start.

And yes, you ladies can have your list as well. Like can’t hold a job. Never knows what to order. Big belly and noodle arms just like a toddler. When you ask him what he wants out of life, he has to think about it. Personality leans more towards celebrity worship than his own. Etc.

Red flags, my friends. Don’t ignore them.

Most importantly, stop pursuing people that put you last and start appreciating people who appreciate you. You do those two things and you’ll improve that relationships aspect of your adult life big time.

The government doesn’t love you

And while we’re at it, let’s be real for a minute here. The government doesn’t love you.

The government loves two things – more income and more power. Folks who get into politics usually don’t have the best intentions. Or even if they do, they’ll eventually succumb to special interests. Yet another reason for term limits.

Covid-19 has shown this. The facts are straightforward – the average Covid-19 death is 82 yet life expectancy is 78.7 years in the States (2018 stats from the CDC).

Second to old age? Obesity. Has your government said anything about losing weight? No. They closed the gyms instead and made you stay indoors, almost guaranteeing you to get fatter.

Third to old age? Lack of Vitamin D. You know the best source of Vitamin D? Sunlight.

So in California, they closed the beaches and filled the skate parks with sand. And they made everyone wear masks, guaranteeing folks to get even more depressed.

Decades from now, historians won’t have anything good to say about government. Except the Florida and South Dakota governors. Historians will say the Florida and South Dakota governors were heroes. Pretty much everyone else – they’ll either say it was an overreaction or a power grab.

Sweden never locked down so historians will say good things about them too. Let’s take a quick look at today’s numbers. USA – 1700 deaths per million. Sweden – 1330 deaths per million. And if I’m not mistaken, UK had even stricter lockdowns than we did. Let’s look at their numbers. 1859 deaths per million.

Goes to show – the lockdowns didn’t work. All they managed to do is to get everyone depressed.

The absolute best things you can do to fight against Covid-19 are to lose weight and get some sunlight.

You see? I care about you. The government doesn’t.

I’ll tell you the truth. They just want to control you and/or take your money.

Historians will tell you the same thing over and over again – give an insecure person power and he or she will abuse it. You’re seeing it in real time, my friends.

If you enjoy this blog, you may like my short stories. I also write some fun tunes too.

Thanks for reading.

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