Open-minded “poseurs”, creative types, and pain

I generally can’t stand the phrase “open-minded.” Usually when it’s uttered, it’s passive aggressive bullshit where you’re open-minded if you agree with that douchebag but close-minded if you don’t.

This is the thing. I don’t even agree with myself. I know ten years from now, I’ll look back at who I am today and find something that I’m doing that’s absolutely retarded.

A truly intellectually honest person keeps evolving. And admits he doesn’t know everything. Nobody knows everything and nobody is right about everything. If someone thinks they’re always right, I can guarantee you that that person is off.

That’s yet another reason I can’t stand social media. Social media companies love to censor. They’re almost always run by complete goobers who still have unresolved issues from high school and they’re still trying to get back at the cool kids. So the groups they censor? The cool kids.

Yes, that’s Roman’s pop psychology for you. I could be completely wrong. I don’t think I am in this case though. I’ve encountered enough of those types back when I lived in the Silicon Valley that it generally holds true.

Which is weird because Silicon Valley in the 90s was very libertarian. Small L libertarian, which means you’re very hands off of other people’s lives but not necessarily associated with the political party.

Which is close to me. You can summon up my politics in 3 words – leave me alone.

A hot tip for creative types

If you’re creative, create a portfolio. If you don’t have one yet, get to work.

What’s a portfolio?

Depends on what your medium is.

If it’s comedy, don’t just have one or two jokes. Work on an entire routine. Whip some stories out of your brain. You’ve experienced life. What’s funny about your past?

If you’re an artist, don’t just rely on one painting. Create dozens of them. Some galleries will hate one period of your creative life but love another period of your creative life. You want to have enough works that you can sell some here and some there.

You’re a cartoonist? Create enough for an entire book. Jim may think your first comic is stupid, your second comic is retarded, but your third comic is rolling on the floor hilarious. It took Jane to get to your tenth comic but you hooked her after that.

You’re a songwriter? Well, I personally can’t stand the first ten songs you wrote. However the 11th? Love it! In fact, I love it so much that I’ll cover it and if my cover sells, you get royalties.

You’re a writer? And you only got three short stories? Get to work!

That’s what I mean by a portfolio. I’ve literally written hundreds of songs. I got five for sale here and one for sale here. I got three more being recorded as we speak and I’ll eventually release a lot more of them.

As for paintings, everything I got for sale now, I consider old. I need to get some of my newer stuff for sale. Work in progress…


Despite what some morons believe, we all have free will. And most people in pain? They do it to themselves.

Of course I’m sympathetic to someone born with pain. Or someone who was trying to get to work and clobbered by some asshole who wasn’t watching where he was going.

I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about the majority of people in pain.

They got shitty diets, bad attitudes, and they’re super lazy. Yet, they want me to pay for their healthcare.

Um, no.

I don’t have sympathy for most adults. Kids, yes. But adults? You had a lifetime to figure it out.

The average person doesn’t challenge the media narrative. Then they wonder why they got such shitty lives.

The media wants you fat, broke, and miserable. I’ll let you in on a secret. Advertising preys on insecurities. If you were secure, you wouldn’t buy a bunch of shit that you don’t need.

Advertisers know this. And the media? They don’t want to offend the folks who are paying their bills.

That’s what it’s all about, my friends. The mighty dollar. And if you want to know why, simply follow the money trail.

Want to really reduce pain? Replace your shitty friends with people who genuinely want to get the most out of life, cut processed foods out of your diet, and exercise. You’ll be amazed at the results.

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  1. Joe: “I am open-minded.”
    PlatinumDragon: “Careful to not let your brain fall out of your skull.”

    And speaking of pain, I learned that pain is an universal constant in our lives. The good news is we can chose pain in such a way that let’s us grow and mature.

    1. Well said!

      I have the constant reminder that everything cool I ever accomplished I accomplished after my mother’s death. She never lived to see any of it. I use that pain for fuel.

      Oh btw, the Mrs is on book 5. She loves it.

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