Am I a conspiracy theorist? Or am I someone who learned about the money trail?

When you have Free Will, you can question the daily programming the media feeds you. For instance, you’ll start discovering how the government is really run.

Most politicians are bought and paid for by lobbies. The ones who get re-elected over and over again aren’t re-elected for being good people. They get re-elected by following what the lobbyists tell them to do, so they’ll get fatter and fatter checks.

“But there are campaign contribution limits.”

Heh. So naive.

You ever notice who buys those stupid books that politicians write? A single company may buy 10,000 copies and give them away. That’s just one example of how lobbyists navigate around those laws. There are many other ways. That’s just the most blatant.

You want real change?

Term limits. That scares career politicians more than anything else.

Right now, the most powerful lobbies are Big Pharma and Big Insurance. Big Tech also has way too much influence, but of the lobbies, they may be the most dangerous. Whereas tech folk in the 90s used to be very libertarian, you’ll find that today’s tech folk are extremely authoritarian. And misanthropic on top of that. A dangerous combination indeed.

This, my friends, is why the media hates politicians who can’t be bought. Those are the most dangerous politicians to the lobbyists.

The media is really just a mouthpiece for the lobbies because you know what? The lobbies also pay for commercials. And you don’t want to upset your advertisers, do you? They may take their advertising dollars to your competitors.

Thus, I always say “follow the money trail.” That will teach you everything you need to know.

What the Founding Fathers wanted

When you actually read the Founding Fathers, they didn’t trust government. They wanted it small. They also realized that in order for a system to work with a small government, you need an informed populace. That means the populace actually needs to think for themselves.

The Founding Fathers also wanted a populace that was self-sufficient. You’ll see today’s politicians trying their damnest to make Americans as dependent on the State as possible.

Not a coincidence. They know what they’re doing.

Nowadays, the media’s also slandering the Founding Fathers. First, they will slander them. Then, they will remove them from history.

You think tearing down statues was a coincidence? Ask someone from Venezuela about statues.

Orwell was right.

Watch and see all this happen in real time.

Why it matters so much to me

I’m an artist. I make art.

I also compose music.

I know full well what happens if communism were to return. One day, I’ll be hired to paint murals because one big guy in the State loves my work. A year later, another State guy finds out what I’ve said in the past, there’s a knock on my door late at night, and I’m never seen again.

I not only become an unperson. If you mention my name in public, you get your life threatened. So it’s in your best interest to never say my name again.

You think I’m exaggerating? Find an old person from Cuba, Venezuela, or Eastern Europe and have a long talk about communism.

Think it can’t happen here?

You know what the “woke” movement is? It’s Marxism except with a friendlier face. Once again, follow the trail.

I happen to enjoy being alive and producing art and I want to be alive for decades to come.

Support the only Fantasy pinup artist who isn’t a Wokeshevik.

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