Politics, drama, bullshit, and dogma

I don’t get caught up in politics.

The absolute last thing I want to be remembered for is who I voted for. That’s a private matter.

Yes, I vote. You’re supposed to. But that’s as far as I get.

I only tell people that I trust who I voted for.

Every election it’s the same thing. If you don’t vote for me, the other candidate will destroy the town/country/world. Doom and gloom.

I’ve heard it about every candidate. Jimmy Carter is so weak that if he wins, Russia will just take us over. Ronald Reagan is totally crazy and he’ll start World War III. George Bush will make America into a police state. Bill Clinton is a mobster and all he thinks about is sleeping with women. George W Bush is too stupid to run the country. Barack Obama hates America and will destroy it. Donald Trump is a racist bigot and he’s going to open up death camps.

Did any of that stuff happen?


Doom and gloom sells apparently because that’s all I ever hear.

So yeah. Liberal. Conservative. Left. Right. Moderate. Center. Any of that crap. I don’t identify with any of it.

I believe in Freedom. My catchphrase would be “leave me alone.”

I’m more concerned with who will ban my paintbrushes, my guitars, and my guns.

Every side has its own dogma. Every side thinks they’re right and the other guy will be a complete disaster.

It’s become a circus.

The whole Covid thing has showed us that the Governor has more immediate power over us than the President anyways.

So I’m sure someone out there will mistake me for being nihilistic. They couldn’t be more wrong.

I already said I vote. It’s simply I don’t want to be known for my politics/dogma. I want to be known for my art.

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