Trudeau’s a bitch but I got an A!

They call us dictators?

Trudeau’s lost Canada. He should really be kicked out and thrown in jail. Y’all know I’m on the side of the truckers for obvious reasons.

Good people and heroes

The truckers are heroes. Doing the right thing, even despite Trudeau’s bitch ass panic attacks.

As for me? I got an A.

If you got a website, go to and put your website address in there.

If you get anything less than a B, you really need to make your website faster. Note that I don’t know anyone who works for that website. It’s just the website I use to track my speed.

Because of them, I switched my theme over to OceanWP and I use Smush to automatically smush the size of my images. Like for instance, one of those memes was 3MB. Smush will smush it down to something more manageable.

Oh, and some good news. I may be wrong about Joe Rogan. He’s standing firm and starting to fire back against the woketards.

We’ll see if he stands his ground. He’s a much more intelligent man than people give him credit for and he’s not afraid to be himself, which is why he may win in the end. Y’all know I’m rooting for him.

Honk honk!

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    1. Trump suspended bank accounts of protesters? I don’t seem to remember that. I also don’t seem to remember Trump using emergency powers to suspend Congress.

      Trump’s biggest flaw was not firing that pathological liar Fauci when he had the chance. Trump’s a narcissist but when it comes to the Constitution, he wasn’t any worse than any of the other clowns we had. The Bushes still take that cake.

      Now let’s actually go down and rate recent presidents when it comes to Constitutional issues:
      Bush Sr – F when it came to the 1st Amendment. Total information awareness? That’s one of the most Orwellian things of anyone
      Clinton – F when it came to the 2nd Amendment.
      Bush 2 – F general. War on Terror was a war on the Constitution.
      Obama – F when it came to the 2nd Amendment.
      Trump – C all around. He failed to get rid of things he should have gotten rid of but he didn’t start anything new.
      Biden – F when it came to the 1st Amendment. You had his Press Secretary threatening software companies that they better do what the Biden administration says? That’s disgusting.

      Now Trump had plenty of flaws. But he had a better Constitutional record than any of the past presidents, which unfortunately says very little since they were all awful. It’s like saying Trump is the smartest of the retards. They’ve all sucked.

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