On Free Speech, Whoopi, and Joe Rogan

Did you have a whoopie cushion when you were a kid?

I had one. The thing sucked.

You filled it with air and put it on a chair, hoping someone will sit on it.

The thing is, most of the time, they saw it and promptly removed it on the chair. Or if they had a sense of humor, they smiled and put it on someone else’s chair.

Even the rare time when someone sat on it, they rarely sat down hard enough to really set it off. At best, you heard a puff. But not a full on ass fart like you expected when you tested it beforehand.


Yeah, but not as dumb as Whoopie Goldberg.

I’ve never liked her. I never thought she was funny. Then she got into woketard politics and I of course couldn’t stand her.

That said, I don’t think she should be censored. I don’t think anyone should be censored. Let me say that again – I don’t think anyone should be censored.

What she said was a testament of how dumb the woketards have gotten. They’ve become absurd.

But let me say this for the third time – I don’t think anyone should be censored.

“But…but what he’s saying is killing people!”

Nice try Branch Covidian member. You don’t get to ban Joe Rogan either. Annoying boomers like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell can try but they won’t succeed. Intelligent people like Joe Rogan because he’s simply the most talented podcaster on the planet. And we love Joe Rogan.

OK, want to really talk about killing people with medical misinformation? Let’s talk about reality here.

You ever heard of a magazine called Cosmopolitan? I’m not gonna post pics because I don’t like anything ugly on my blog. But recently, they’ve been trying hard to push obesity as healthy. They had these disgustingly fat women with big ass smiles with a caption “this is healthy!”

No. That’s medical misinformation. And you know what? Obesity is a much, much bigger health problem than corona. In fact, when we actually remove politics from the equation and look back at the corona debacle, we’ll find that obesity was either the first or the second real cause of death in people marked as corona deaths.

So why do politicians always avoid the elephant in the room? Because they want to be re-elected.

Imagine a politician telling his constituents “you need to lose 30 pounds.” So much for getting re-elected.

But does the average American need to lose 30 pounds? You already know the answer.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – are you scared of corona? OK, then get some sunlight and get fit.

If people would take those 2 things seriously, we’d be over this corona nonsense by now. We’d also cut our medical bills in half.

But once again, a politician saying that would never get re-elected, even though anyone with any brains knows it’s the truth.

And for the record, I don’t believe in censoring Cosmopolitan either. They’re fucking idiots. But I don’t believe in censoring them, even though anyone with any brains knows that’s medical misinformation.

I don’t believe in censoring Neil Young either, although I had to laugh when his censorship attempt backfired and got him kicked off Spotify.

And finally, I’ve noticed a consistent pattern with people who want to ban Joe Rogan – they don’t actually listen to him.

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