Why I like Tim Pool more than Joe Rogan

Censorship is wrong. Musical artists in the 80s took a strong stand against censorship, whether they came from the Left, Right, or Center. They agreed on one thing. As they should.

Today? A lot are sell-outs to corporations. Specifically, Big Pharma.

I’ve written a few articles defending Joe Rogan. But I now have a bad feeling about Rogan. It’s a hunch. I really, really hope I’m wrong. But it’s a strong hunch.

Spotify pulled 100+ podcasts of his already. One of their competitors offered tens of millions to switch over and Rogan decided to stay with Spotify.

I’ll never forgive anyone who wants to censor me. If you want to censor me, and even if you’re a relative, I’ll cut you off. Period.

Let me be clear on one thing – I have a better understanding of history than 99% of Americans. And one thing that’s consistently clear – the folks on the side of censorship have never been the good guys. Never.

Tim Pool calls it like it is. He agrees with me that censors are never the good guys. Tim Pool won’t tolerate it.

We might see Rogan buckle under the pressure. Which would really be a shame because I do like the guy a lot. But I decided not to pay for Spotify after all because they buckled and removed a shitload of Rogan podcasts.

I really, really hope I’m wrong. I hope Rogan turns a middle finger to the censors. I hope Rogan calls out woketards for the pieces of shit they are.

We’ll see…

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  1. I think that Joe is building up for a giant smoking popping maneuver. Yes, I was surprised by how many supposedly free speech people are owned shills. Makes me laugh at my dad’s generation.

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