Why that last post was so extreme

I talked about how you should even cut off members of the family you were born into if they want you to be forced into masks + the corona “vaccine.”

It sounds extreme. But I’ll explain my reasoning.

For one, masks don’t work. Anyone with any brains already figured this out.

More importantly, this “vaccine” is deadly.

I’m not an anti-vaxxer by any means. I’m glad I got the smallpox vaccine and especially glad I got the lockjaw vaccine. Tetanus scares the heck out of me, especially since I spend so much time outdoors.

Those are real vaccines. A real vaccine is the weakened virus so your own body figures out how to beat it and teaches your immune system how to defeat it. Then you keep that record within your body how to beat it for years.

A real vaccine doesn’t need booster after booster after booster. These corona boosters are huge money makers for the vaccine companies and they don’t do shit.

Note how people with all their shots are so scared of people who aren’t vaccinated. That’s because this “vaccine” doesn’t work and keep down inside, they know this!

These corona “vaccines” aren’t real vaccines. They are medical experiments and we’re the guinea pigs.

We’ll be finding out horrible side effects for decades. And the manufacturers are immune from lawsuits.

Let me say that again – no matter what horrible side effect you get, you cannot sue the manufacturer.

I’ve already known quite a few people who have had serious side effects from the jab. And one’s brother who died from it.

Now, not at all saying that this virus isn’t real. It is. But it’s beatable if you lose weight, get sunlight (Vitamin D), and zinc.

The people who have died from it have almost always had other serious issues. Healthy people very rarely died from it.

Also note that social media would ban people for telling the truth about it. They banned people who said it was a Chinese lab leak. Which corona most likely is, but you’re not allowed to tell the truth because Big Tech doesn’t like that.


If you find out, let me know. I don’t know why Big Tech spends more effort on censorship than it does in creating new, cool features.

Their hysteria outweighs their love for you

So going back to the first paragraph. Why did I say something so extreme?

Because their hysteria outweighs their love for you. They’re fine seeing you a guinea pig to a medical experiment where you can’t sue for damages because they’re hysterical.

That’s not family. Those are pod people.

Real family loves you, even in the worst of times.

Even during the Bubonic Plague which is a million times scarier than corona, you’d still see real families staying together until the end.

Yes, there were people who abandoned their families. Then there were the ones who cared for their family members until the end.

I would have been the latter. And once again, the Bubonic Plague is a million times scarier than corona. Those two shouldn’t even be in the same sentence.

Now also to be clear, I feel genuinely bad for folks who were forced into getting the jab for work. You gotta pay the bills and not everyone has financial alternatives.

The guy my wife and I got corona from was one of them. His work forced him to get the jab and lo and behold, he gave it to us.

So that whole “get the jab so you don’t spread it” is bullshit too. Anyone who still says definitely deserves to be cut off.

If you get the jab, you can still get corona. You can still spread it. You can still die from it.

“Then what’s the point of getting the jab?”

To make Big Pharma richer. That’s it. That’s all it’s ever been.

They knew it wasn’t going to work so they spent their money on media lies and tech censorship. So maybe I just answered my question above. Maybe that’s what it comes down to with the social media companies – maybe they’re receiving money under the table from Big Pharma.

That’s a hunch. I can’t prove that. But if we learn that’s the case, then I’ll not at all be surprised.

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  1. The most dangerous thing about Covid is the psychosis it gave to so many (too many) people. You are right in being harsh, because these people end up using the family to nag other members into sheep behavior, and this is not a family worth having.

    1. Yup. The psychosis was more dangerous than the disease itself. It has made half the world paranoid.

      Back when I was on social media, my favorite comment was from a guy in Africa. He said that in Africa, nobody’s scared of corona because in Africa, they have real diseases.

      Also note (my note, not his) that nobody in Africa died from corona. That’s because they’re getting their sunlight.

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