It’s always the ugly ones complaining about catcalling

My wife and I were just talking about diet shaming. You’ll see a beautiful woman. She watches what she eats and has some kind of regular exercise routine. And she’ll always have haters – almost always unattractive/obese females.

Now, not all unattractive and obese women are unpleasant. You’ll meet some that are cool as fuck.

They’ve accepted their lot in life and root for others to succeed. No jealousy. Just genuinely good people.

I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the other type – the envious.

These are also the same ones who complain about catcalling.

A Playboy cartoon

I remember Playboy magazine from the 80s. Before it got political. Back when it had beautiful women in it.

I honestly don’t know what it’s like now because I haven’t seen one in years.

Anyways, Playboy always had funny cartoons as well.

I remember one specifically when it had two older women complaining that nobody catcalls them anymore.

Nailed it!

A woman in her 20s should rule

A woman in her 20s should rule. She should have men orbiting her and she should have the pick of the litter.

All she has to do is take care of herself, smile, and not be fat.

Those were most women in the 80s. Yes, you read that right. Most. As in almost all.

Then the 90s happened. You started to have cynicism. And both average men and women became progressively fatter and less attractive.

Now the top stayed on top. There are still 9s and 10s today. It’s just that the averages look like complete shit nowadays. Whereas in the 80s, a 5 back then would be an 8 today.

Instead, the average woman in her 20s is unattractive. I don’t mean plain. I mean literally unattractive. I’d have to snort a line or two of coke to be attracted to her.

Men catcalled in the 80s. Sure, it could be complete coincidence. Or maybe the decline of catcalling is one of the reasons why women today look so much worse than women in the 80s.

And one more thing I noticed – it’s always the unattractive ones who complain about catcalling. I’ve yet to see a hot chick complain about it.

I’ve spent countless hours talking to Allie and Roxy about pretty much everything and neither of them even once brought up catcalling. That’s because they’re hot chicks.

Same thing with my wife. She never complained about catcalling. When I met her, she was a smoking hot blonde. All her friends tried to get her to be a runway model because she had the height for it and the looks.

We’re old now of course, but all these decades I’ve been with her, she never complained about it. She mentioned several times about being health shamed by ugly, bitter obese women though.

And remember my main model before Allie? The one who used to be smoking hot but went to college, got lots of tattoos, and became obese? Last time I saw her, she complained about catcalling. Weird.

Romanian vs American women in 2022

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you’ll know I’m close to a family in Romania. We see them every time we go there.

Anyways, the mother mentioned why she has to stay attractive. If she doesn’t stay attractive, then her husband will find a pretty young thing.

She says that’s common knowledge in Romania. Everyone (her words, not mine) knows that.

So needless to say, she looks good. Imagine that.

I’m not at all implying that that’s a good thing. I’m just reporting what I heard.

Lesson in there for men – if a man has options, and his woman knows he has options, she’s gonna look better.

Once again, I’m not saying this is morally right. I’m just reporting what I’ve seen.

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