Get sh- done and don’t talk out of your ass

I used to work for a CEO who built not one, but two successful companies before he even turned 40. He started them up, built them up, then sold them off.

Not sure how much he’s worth but I’m pretty sure he’s comfortable.

Cool guy. Full of energy. He’s short and pudgy and still has a smoking hot wife who’s at least a decade his junior.

Moral of the story? Get shit done.

Hot chicks like successful men, despite what the feminists lie about.

And speaking of feminists…

I used to work with a feminist who would do everything she could to make men look bad. The problem was, she had no introspection whatsoever so she was totally unaware when she was making an ass out of herself.

Anyways, I was talking to some people about running. Everyone had their running stories, from jogging to running marathons.

I told them my running story. Back in the days when I boxed, I’d run six miles at least twice a week. Boxing requires a tremendous amount of stamina and there’s nothing like running to help you there. My brother’s seen George Foreman running several times for instance. Foreman used to run ten miles.

So, this dumb ass feminist overhears our conversation, interrupts, and asks me in the most condescending way “yeah, but can you run a 5k?”

Needless to say, everyone looked at her like she was the dumbest person on the planet. (She was definitely up there).

I won’t say her name, but after that, since there were two people with her name, we referred to her as the Stupid version of that name.

Moral of the story? If you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, keep your fucking mouth shut.

Talking out of one’s ass doesn’t impress the babes

One time in my early teenage years, we were at some lodge and there was this older boomer guy with two chicks. He was trying to impress them with his wit.

The thing is, I knew he was talking out of his ass and I’m pretty sure they did too, especially considering I was in my early teens and they were grown ups.

I remember him rambling on that sunburns were really just Vitamin D overdoses. I’m pretty sure that guy didn’t get laid that night.

Now, true knowledge is sexy. Not the rambling kind. But when a man is proficient in something, it can be sexy.

It goes back to our tribal days. I’ve talked many, many times how we’re really not that far removed from tribalism.

Anyways, women want to mate with the best males possible. And sometimes, the best male isn’t exactly the biggest and strongest. Historically, stone beats bone, bronze beats stone, iron beats bronze, and steel beats iron. Then some guy turned gunpowder into a weapon and it became who made better firearms.

So once again, do you think brains are sexy? Only a fool will say no. If she wants her tribe to survive, she’s mating with Bob Smartguy.

Hot chicks can also tell when a man is talking out of his ass. They’ve heard every pickup line on the planet and can spot bullshit from a mile away.

I’ve heard plenty of stories from the Mrs, Allie, and Roxy about bullshit. I’ll put it simply – if you want to attract a stupid chick, sure, bullshit will work. But a hot babe with a triple digit IQ? Be legit. Legitimacy beats bullshit any day of the week.

And stupid breeds true. Hopefully you don’t learn that the hard way.

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And by the way, Vitamin D helps you recover from sunburns so that guy was a double idiot.

By Roman

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  1. It’s one of the reasons why I am a quiet fellow. I mainly listen; I only speak and ask questions should a very interesting topic comes up.

      1. And yet I get weird looks added with: “Why are you so quiet~?” At first I was a tad insecure about it, but now I don’t give a rat’s ass. I speak when it’s necessary.

        1. Yeah, you’re playing it right. I’d find a good listener a blessing because they’re so rare.

          Allie remembers everything I say and I think that’s a major reason we’re so close.

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