You can tell the folks who don’t have Free Will by their language

Awhile back, I wrote about how not everyone has Free Will. To be clear, I believe folks are born with it. But like anything else, you don’t use it, you lose it.

So you’ll see folks repeat the same stupid patterns over and over again until they drop dead. Never learning from their mistakes.

Well, you can tell who doesn’t have it by their language. A funny story. Well, tragic to some. But I got a dark sense of humor.


Y’all probably know what MADD is. If you don’t, it’s Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Sounds like a worthy cause, right? Right?

In reality, not really.

I used to live in Santa Barbara County in California years ago. Back then, you had several types of people. You had hardcore partiers, which I tended to get along with. These people will play volleyball during the day or explore the mountains. They were fun. And full of life.

And you had the holier than thou folks, who I of course didn’t get along with.

The holier than thou folks wanted to ban everything I liked – partying, guns, etc. And surprise surprise, MADD attracted those types.

To be clear, of course I’m against drunk driving. Who isn’t? Get a cab. Or heck, nowadays there’s these online apps where people will drive you around.

But the people who join MADD love to find faults in you and never in themselves.

While I lived there, the head of MADD literally got drunk and drove off a fucking cliff. And rather than pointing out their leader’s hypocrisy, they still said “she did so many good things.” Yes, that’s a direct quote from one of the other MADD women after they found out she was drunk and drove off a cliff.

Luckily, the only person she killed was herself. It would be a shame if she had a kid in the car.

“You have faults but I’m perfect!”

It’s those types of people. No introspection whatsoever.

Like feminists. Every fault in the world is the patriarchy. They themselves never do anything wrong.

Or California politicians. They’re the worst. They turned paradise into a shithole yet still think they should make choices for the entire nation.

You’ll see these assholes yell at everyone else to wear masks, yet they themselves won’t wear them. Governor Newsom (who will hopefully be recalled) played dumb when they caught him. And Nancy Pelosi threw her hairdresser under the bus when they caught her. It’s always you who makes mistakes. Never them. And they want to control every aspect of your life.

I’m human. I’m flawed. I’ll readily admit my flaws and will also say I’m a lifelong work in progress.

I focus on self-improvement. Notice my language here. I’m not saying you need to get better. I’m saying I need to get better.

I don’t project my faults onto you. I try to fix my faults. I’ll even hire a coach for assistance.

When I have a beef with someone, it’s because they’re stepping into my realm in a bad way. Like someone trying to ban my Freedoms.

My politics are simple – leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone.

I like people who want to get better. When I meet someone who’s also into self-improvement, I find it inspirational.

Yesterday, I had a good talk with a guy I haven’t seen before in my gym. He’s into getting stronger and improving his cooking. That’s awesome!

Like I’ve said many times, we’re all lifelong works in progress. The folks who want to get better are using their Free Will. Which is wonderful.

The folks pointing the finger at you and telling you how to live your life? They’ve more than likely lost their Free Will a long time ago.


  1. Man…Reminds me of how my mother would tell me to stay away from the party goers back in high school because “they are bad influences”. Not sure if that was optimal parenting since my social skills was close to nonexistent. :v

    1. My parents did the same thing and it was really bad advice. Whether we like it or not, social skills are even more important for being a successful adult than being smart. Humans are social animals.

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