Self-improvement includes keeping up with the times

To some, this blog may seem directionless. They couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sure, it started off as a watercolors blog. But I got tired of writing only about watercolors so I switched to self-improvement, which is a lifelong journey (and I’ll never get tired of writing about it).

Recently, I’ve been discussing cryptocurrencies a lot. Yes, I’ll continue to write about cryptocurrencies. No, this isn’t going to turn into a crypto blog.

You gotta keep up with the times. We didn’t know everything about nutrition and weightlifting for instance in the 1980s. If I kept going that route, I would probably have 10-15% less gains than I do now because we simply know more in 2021 than we did in the 1980s.

I also had hypoglycemia back then because we didn’t know shit about nutrition. And when I see we, I mean the schools. They taught us to have a 3-2-4-4 day, which is absolutely horrible advice. That’s what gave me hypoglycemia in the first place.

In the mid-2010s, we got heavily into weightlifting. I always talked to the biggest dudes in the gym – the gym bros. And you know what? They’re smarter (when it comes to nutrition) than 90% of the medical professionals I’ve dealt with.

I’m actually being generous. I should really say 95%. Gym bro science smokes Big Pharma’s bullshit “science” and it’s not even close. Big Pharma wants you addicted to pills. Gym bros want you to be strong enough that you can spot them.

So going back to crypto, so far I’m down a lot. Which is fine. Cryptocurrencies had a correction. I timed it wrong.

Great learning experience.

Now, losers will think “how could losing a lot of money be a learning experience?”

Well first, I only lost money on paper. I’m holding.

And second, losers have no long-term strategy.

I started investing in stock in the late 90s. I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing and lost a lot of money.

However, I started. Losers won’t get this main point – I started.

Losers will lose money, then bitch endlessly that the whole system is rigged. Or they’ll say only lucky people make it. Or connected people. Or they’ll have some other bullshit excuse.

Now winners will tweak their system until it works.

It took several years of tweaking my system until I got it good. By 2010, we were in pretty good financial shape. In 2014, we started traveling the world.


So I now have a dual strategy for making money in crypto – 1. make NFTs. 2. invest in the right coins.

For my NFTs, I’m learning as I’m going. And for you folks out there who say that NFTs are bad for the environment, I got great news. They were bad for the environment because so much of it was created with dirty energy from China. Well guess what? China pulled out of crypto. So that’s no longer an issue.

We’re about to see crypto made with more renewable energy sources now that it’s going to the States.

Anyways, I’ll start including links to my NFTs here. You can see my Rarible page here and so far, it has a few NFTs on it. I also have an Opensea page as well.

I’m convinced that these two platforms will eventually win out over their competitors. That’s what usually happens. You have a bunch of competitors. Then it drops down to 3 main ones. Then it drops down to 2.

That doesn’t mean the competitors will disappear. Some will merge. Some will go out of business. And some will be bought out.

And some will continue existing but have a tiny ass market share.

I haven’t sold anything yet but I’d be surprised if I make a sale in 2021. NFTs are a long game. Not an overnight thing. And if you think it’s an overnight success thing, prepare to be disappointed.

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