Artistic nudes vs erotica

I didn’t like Impressionism. At all. Until I saw it in real life. That’s the same reason I don’t sell my art online. When you see it in real life, it’s completely different. You’ll have a much greater respect for it. It’s not meant to be seen up close. It’s meant to stand up on… Continue reading Artistic nudes vs erotica

7 tips for Pinup Artists

I’ve written before about what I look for in a Pinup Model. This article is slightly different. Rather, here are 7 tips for Pinup Artists. I love pinup art. I always have and always will. Among my favorites – Frank Frazetta (although he’s a Fantasy artist but his work overlaps with pinups), Olivia de Bernardinis,… Continue reading 7 tips for Pinup Artists

Similar poses for the win

Every morning, I do a quick five minute sketch. This is one of the best things an artist could possibly do to improve his or her technique. You get good at drawing at a decent pace. The timer is brutal. As it should be. No forgiveness. No mercy. You get good at managing your time… Continue reading Similar poses for the win