The update on Allie and Roxy

As you may already know, I left California because the communists took over and destroyed that state.

Yes, it’s still there. It’s still beautiful. And there are still a lot of people there I care about.

But it’s just a matter of time before it falls completely.

You have a Congressman who slept with a Chinese spy (and he’s still in Congress!). And no coincidence whatsoever that he’s one of the most anti-gun people in the House.

You have decaying cities. You have skyrocketing crime. You have schools that are complete garbage.

And you got a homeless problem that’s getting worse all the time. Yes, there’s homelessness in every city. But the Left Coast? Dwarfs everything else.

I told Allie and Roxy to get out too. I even said they could stay with us if they had to.

Well good news. Both of them left.

So I got nothing to go back for. Yay!

Yes, I still got some friends there. They know they can visit me here or we can meet somewhere else. I got one friend still there who bought a plane recently and we’re going to meet up in the left side of Florida because the Mrs and I have only been on the right side and the Keys.

Before we left that turd world shithole though, I took hundreds of pics of each of them. And that’s it. They’ll both be immortalized as beautiful women in their early 20s forever.

Are we still close? Of course! Roxy’s very close to the Mrs as well. They’re like sisters.

We text each other almost daily.

For modeling though, I’ve picked up 3 more models and will continue to pick up at least one more model a year. This year, it was Katie from Dallas.

Both Allie and Roxy are regular people. They definitely didn’t belong in Commiefornia. Commiefornians hate anyone who’s normal. They only like victims, freak shows, and sad sacks of shit.

Sadly, once you leave the cities in California, you’ll actually encounter normal people. It’s just the big problem with democracy in general – the masses outvote everyone else and if the masses suck, you’re stuck with what they’ve voted for.

So anyone who says that politics isn’t important isn’t your friend. It is very important, and as much as I hate politics, I’m still very aware of what’s going on.

We currently have the worst President of our lifetime. He’s even worse than the Bushes.

If you even try to defend Biden’s Ministry of Truth, I’ll lose all respect for you. And I mean it. Even if you’re a family member.

And don’t even counter with “well, but Trump…” Yeah, I get it that Trump kicked over your sandcastle when you were a kid. You gotta let that go.

My positions are very clear. I don’t know how many times I have to repeat them.

I believe in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I’ve been very clear about this. I’m as American as they come, and Biden is by far the worst thing to happen to Freedom in my lifetime. Yes, even worse than the Bushes.

Biden’s even making an attempt to be worse than Jimmy Carter when it comes to economic issues. I’ve lost well over six figures in my investments (on paper) since Biden took over. Yeah, my fault for not selling everything and just keeping cash as soon as he won.

Anyways, all is well with us and all is well with Allie and Roxy. They’ll go on to having normal lives doing normal things and raising their kids to be normal Americans. They’ll teach their kids to hate communism as much as I do. And I just got done painting them with penguins.

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    1. Hey it’s Jerry Brown’s “girlfriend.”

      Bonus points if you got that reference.

      First time hearing that song. I do like Ronstadt although I doubt Katie would get the reference. Katie loves R&B and listens to it almost exclusively afaik.

        1. I had to look it up and I’d have to say my 3 favorites of JB’s girls are (in no order) Ronstadt, Natalie Wood, and Stevie Nicks. He seemed to had quite a few celebrities in his past.

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