Rednecks rule

Everyone loves to hate rednecks. But I’m the opposite of everyone else. I love rednecks. I even married one.

Rednecks are more likely to survive anything. And when I say anything, I mean anything.

Rednecks keep America safe too. One of the Japanese generals before WWII said that there’s no way Japan could defeat America because in America, there’s “an American with a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Y’all know he was referring to rednecks.

Unfortunately for him though (and especially for the Japanese people), the generals feared upsetting the Emperor more than they feared their own demise. And no, I’m not exaggerating.

Speaking of rednecks and survival, we drove through the desert and an air conditioning hose broke, spilling water all over the car’s interior carpet. The air conditioning unit is done. You would have loved driving through 109 degree heat with no air conditioning.

Worse still, estimates for repairs ranged from $2500 to $4k. Nope. Not gonna fix it as it’s an old car anyways.

Yes, mold and mildew are dangerous. They both can kill middle class folks.

But we’re rednecks.

Open the windows and spray the affected areas with Lysol. Air it out for a day or two.

Then if there’s still mold and mildew, rip the carpet out with a knife and keep driving. The car will look like shit from the inside but it still runs.

I ain’t got no money

I don’t give investment advice. Because I’ve always made a lot of money and lost it in batches.

When Biden became President, I should have sold everything. Now, my stocks crashed and my crypto is worthless. Biden turned out to be even worse than I expected. I knew he’d be bad but now it’s not even up for debate – he’s the worst President of my lifetime.

I’m back to being broke, so that overrides what I said in my curing incels article.

Oh well. Still great with the babes and that’s more important than money anyways.

My wife still rides along. Whereas middle class chicks will divorce at the drop of a hat, redneck women are ride or die. Much, much better than middle class women.

More fun too.

People who whine on about American women being too privileged keep dating middle class women then they confirm their complaints. I tell my male friends to knock that shit off and find a good redneck chick. And once again – more fun too.

We make the best of anything. We’ve been homeless together before (cheap motel, not streets). Made the best of it.

In 2005, my net worth was $0. Made the best of it.

Now we’re going through Bidenflation where your dollar is worth nothing and neither is your 401k and IRAs. We’ll still make the best of it.

Btw, I’ll have the greatest course ever coming out by the end of this year hopefully. Stay tuned.

Oh and, Sam Harris is a bitch. He even blocked Gad Saad.

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  1. When I moved “back north”, a small cross section of the bumpkin ladies were the most welcoming.

    Although I lampoon many of them as rubes, I still like the friendly redneck types. They kept the curiosity and wonder.

    1. Yeah. I love that feeling of someone actually noticing you and wanting you there.

      If you’re in the South, you may take it for granted until you leave it and notice it’s missing elsewhere.

      1. I had a family member move to a state that I had traveled through farther north. The family member mentioned that it took three years to actually make a connection with someone. Most people are naturally suspicious and not inclined to be “friendly” for any good reason.
        It is out of survival and not malice.

        1. Agreed it is out of survival and not malice.

          I think the reason why Southerners connect faster is that they’re all heavily armed, so if violence is necessary, they’re ready for the next step.

          Thus, they can afford to be kind. They have insurance.

          West Coasters on the other hand have no weapons and generally hit like girls.

          Thus, they cannot afford to be kind.

  2. I’m from Florida, but the part I’m from is jokingly called South Georgia because it is nothing like Miami. Proud fellow rifle (many rifles) owning redneck. And, agreed. Biden is the worst President we’ve had. I thought Obama was bad, but I was wrong when compared to this guy…

    1. That reminds me – I really need to go to the rifle range again.

      For awhile, I had a goal of taking at least one liberal a year shooting. It’s funny how they quickly change how they view guns after actually shooting some nice ones.

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