Envy is for losers

It was this very pose that caused the losers to hate me.

Roxy as Amphitrite

Yes, if you’ve been following my career for any length of time, you’ve seen me paint this same pose many, many times. It’s one of my favorite poses of Roxy I ever took.

Anyways, in my old account, the one that was banned because I went against the social media companies’ narratives, this pose generated controversy.

“No woman really looks like that!,” the losers cried.

Apparently, they’ve never seen a Latina naked.

Yes, Roxy really has a body like this. Yes, she has a body like Salma Hayek. And yes, every part is real.

Some women simply have curvier curves than others.

Just like some men have better faces than others. I wasn’t born a pretty boy. Should I cry like a bitch about it?

Of course not.

But these people on the other hand. I got hate from both male and female feminists because of the first time I painted this.

My other account was 10x the size of my current one and had 100x the reach. It’s really a shame I got banned because it would be huge today. And unlike Twitter Guru, I don’t play any of their bullshit games.

I’m real. Y’all know me. Back when I had more money, I flew out to meet a lot of you in person.

I’m uncensored and whenever I say something controversial, it’s because I genuinely believe it. I don’t play the “generate engagement” bullshit games that Twitter Guru plays. Those accounts are as fake as fake can get.

Use that hate as a marketing tool

You’re supposed to have someone hate you. If you don’t, you’re so safe that you’re more than likely seen as a brown noser. Of whom, nobody respects.

I’m by no means a marketing expert. I know very little about sales and marketing. However, I’ve been told by several marketing folks that when you get your hate, use it as a marketing tool.

So I do.

I get feminists upset all the time.

Like this:

I offended another feminist apparently

I use the terms “babes” and “hot chicks” all the time. Because it’s a shit test.

Yes, men can (and should) also shit test. You want to know who’s an easily offended moron and who’s cool to hang out with. The former you cut out of your life because they suck ass as people. You can’t be yourself around them because they’ll throw a hissy fit over the slightest thing. So screw them. Once again, cut them off.

I’m blessed. I’ve had the same friends forever. Two from the 80s, several from the 90s, some from the 00s, and of course Allie and Roxy from 2017.

So it’s not like I have a shortage of friends. That puts me in a position where I don’t have to put up with douchebags.

But back to the saying “use that hate as a marketing tool,” I’m not worried about losing sales to feminists. My girls were born girls. They don’t have resting bitch face or some bullshit political agenda. They’re simply cool chicks and they’re super fun to hang out with.

So that automatically rules out feminism. Feminists like women born with penises more than natural women. In fact, feminists wanted to ban my girl Aretha Franklin’s song “Natural Women” only a few weeks ago.

Anyways, we’re off to watch the Super Bowl. I don’t have any money on this game and I’m also indifferent about the outcome. However, Super Bowl parties are always fun. You get to drink with a bunch of people that you really should be seeing more often. But life often gets in the way.

If you got money on this game, may your team win.


  1. You failed to offend me now and then. You need to try harder.


    I’ve met women with all sorts of features during my travels. I’ve met them that had Roxy’s physique.
    Whiners can’t define what a real woman is. I have to stick up for women that have had work done, especially if they shared moments with me, had kind words, or had a history of “liking men”.
    I always wanted to ask the feminists in question the following: Does your disposition make you a “real woman”?

    1. Yes, women indeed have bodies like Roxy. And they’re gorgeous.

      As for women with work done, if that makes them feel better about themselves, more power to them.

      I don’t make decisions for other people.

      And yes, these whiners can’t even define what a woman is. These same morons then tell you not to question the science. Well, the science says that women were born with vaginas and have XX chromosomes. Science also says folks born with penises with XY chromosomes are called “males.”

  2. Not offended. Women do look like that. Even if they did not, it’s art. Often does not look like real life. I believe it’s obvious why you were banned. That green eyed monster aka jealousy is a bitch…

    1. Yeah. That one really hit because my account would have been huge today.

      And yes, your wife has a nice body. Plus where you live, I’m sure you see your shares of nice bodies.

      Sadly, a lot of the offended people are young people in California. They missed the glorious 80s and the 90s Baywatch days. So they have no idea how nice women’s bodies can look.

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