Beautiful old ladies vs the demon woman

I don’t know how much you’re on social media, but there’s been a clip going around of a demon looking Australian politician. She’s head of some gender bullshit, and of course rattles off the latest woke garbage about “persons of diverse gender identities.”

So bless Pink’s heart, but I slightly ratioed her, despite her having over 10x the views.

a slight ratio despite less than a tenth of the views

If your soul is ugly, it will eventually show up on your face. And boy, it really did on the Australian lady! She looks like a demon.

No, I won’t show her face because you might be eating. But if you know who I’m referring to, you could tell she has at least mild psychosis. At least. I seriously doubt she has much empathy for other people.

Now, Grandma? I last saw her alive on her 100th birthday. She looked beautiful.

A lifetime of love will do that to you.

So did my favorite Aunt. She looked fabulous at 70 but unfortunately died of Alzheimer’s not too long after that. (That’s one reason I drink so much coffee, but more on that another day).

Because as any cartoonist will tell you, when you reach the age of 50, you inherit the face you deserve.

I lost touch with the resting bitch face lady awhile back. She’s since turned 50+ and I can guarantee you that she didn’t exactly age gracefully.

So yes, my friends. Your soul will eventually reflect on your face. If you’re a poisonous person, your face will show it.

If you’re a graceful person, your face will show that.

Err on the side of grace. Besides, it makes everyone around you better anyways.

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