Physiognomy is very much real

When I met my wife, she was a tall, thin blonde with really long hair. I was cheating on my girlfriend at the time, who was a short, pretty blonde also with long hair. My girlfriend at the time had a pretty face and nice tits. But could have lost…


“You need to be more humble”

Are you a go-getter? Are you one of those people who doesn't need motivation? Well, I'll bet that you had sorry ass losers tell you that you need to be more humble. And it's always sorry ass losers. It's never successful people who tell you this. Because successful people realize…


Commies are miserable bastards

Frida Kahlo is an overrated bitch with a mustache. There. I said it. Her artwork is nothing special. Plus, notice that whenever she'd have a self-portrait, she'd never be smiling. That's because communists never smile. They're miserable people. All of them. I could tell you this as someone who loves…


Motifs in American culture

When I lived on the Left Coast, I got the full taste of the far left. There's a segment of the far left that is quite anti-America, anti-patriotism, and for globalization without rules. This segment goes as far as saying that America has no culture of its own and only…


I’ve been online with people recently

So, I've been on Masculine Geek here: And the Arsenal Podcast here: The Anchor FM link unfortunately doesn't embed properly in WordPress. If you click the link though, you can hear the interview.