The biggest problem in America today is not what you think it is

I’ve seen this.

Many, many times.

You see, one major problem with folks nowadays is that they cannot think in terms of decades. They can’t even think in terms of years.

That’s one pattern that economists have found. In families that think and plan long-term, long-term, they’ll have money. Families who think day-to-day? They’ll still be broke in a decade.

Weird how that works.

The same thing with health. If you plan your health for the long-term, unless you get hit by a car or are unlucky enough to get cancer, chances are, you’ll be healthy a decade from now. And likewise, the people who can’t plan their health long-term will look even worse than they do today.

I have no idea who this gentleman is. But this tweet? It’s right on.

I’ve seen this happen many, many times. You’ll see a pretty girl smoking weed. Then sometimes as soon as a few years and almost always within a decade, she’d be a fat girl who used to be pretty.

What a waste.

And if you think this is shallow, I want you to do me a favor. Never read this blog again.

Seriously. Don’t ever come back here.

My main focus is aestheticism. It’s my art style. It’s what I write about.

Because hands down the biggest problem in America today isn’t Johnny Depp getting screwed over by his psycho wife or the overblown pandemic, or whatever is happening in those countries that you can’t even find on a map.

It’s Americans no longer value beauty.

And by not valuing beauty, everything else declines. When I say everything else, I literally mean everything else.

Because when you value beauty, you will be healthy. You will be happy. You will make more money.

You will have better relationships. You will have better standards.

And by having better relationships, better standards, and better health, you will make America a better place.

Like it was in the 80s.

Live 80s music

I want you to find a live 80s video of any band. Any band, no matter the genre of music.

You’ll notice something. Look at the crowd. They’re happy. They’re beautiful.

The two go hand-in-hand.

In the 90s, grunge and post modernism really took off. You had cynicism pervade every aspect of American culture.

The end result is by the 00s, people got uglier. They got even uglier in the 10s. And even uglier in the 20s.

Now switch this around. Make beauty your primary focus.

You’ll notice everything in your life will change.

You’ll stop putting up with other people’s bullshit. You’ll have better standards in your relationships.

You’ll start making more money. You’ll become way healthier – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Don’t believe me?

Then try it.

Had I not made beauty my primary focus in 2007, I would not have gotten into orchestration in 2012. I would not have gotten into weightlifting in 2013. I would not have met Allie and Roxy in 2017. I would never have started painting.

I wouldn’t even be close to as healthy as I am today.

I’m so healthy in fact that if everyone was like me, your medical premiums would be ridiculously cheap. Because almost nobody would need to see a doctor unless they get in a car accident.

Nobody would be on anti-depressants. There would be no opioid crisis.

There would be no homelessness problem.

There would be no problem with these wokesheviks because wokeism loves ugliness. It’s the opposite of aestheticism.

And America would be fun again. And patriotic because we’d have our pride back.

It all starts with one thing – focus on beauty. Everything else good follows.

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