How to be unsexy to women

Chicks don’t like clingy. Clingy at best will get you the friend zone. At worst, your number blocked.

Men are supposed to accomplish cool things. Not be clingy to a woman.

When in doubt, ask

I never claimed to know it all. Life is one big learning experience. You keep learning new things until you drop dead. Well, some of us do. Some folks love to waste their lives. But if you’re reading this blog, I can safely assume you’re the former and not the latter. Yeah, I’m a composer/artist.… Continue reading When in doubt, ask

Not everyone has Free Will

“Jayden” from the outside seems highly successful. Big ass house. Multiple degrees from prestigious universities. Sends his kids to private schools. The problem is, the outside world doesn’t know Jayden as well as I do. He’s fucking miserable. His wife treats him like shit and has made him cry on numerous occasions. She’s fat too.… Continue reading Not everyone has Free Will