Developing your own style Part II

I already wrote about this awhile ago but I think this topic merits a second article, as it’s one of the absolute most important topics for an artist.

Also note that this doesn’t pertain to just painting. It includes writers, musicians, etc. I’m just using painting for examples purposes.

If you’re any type of creative, simply switch painting for whatever you do.

First thing when you wake up

Whether you wake up at 6am or noon, it doesn’t matter. First thing you do when you wake up is do your thing. If you’re a writer, write something. If you’re an artist, draw something. If you’re a musician, pick up your instrument and play it.

If you got a day job, then make sure you do it before work. This is your key to success. You need to put the time in.

Folks talk about natural talent but if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll know I feel natural talent is bullshit. All it means if you got to work 10% less than the average Joe or Jane. You still have to put in the work.

Create constantly

I never stop working.


Even on vacation. I’ll go to Europe or the Caribbean and I’ll bring pencils and a sketchbook.

Besides, those trips give me inspiration.

You’ll see my style slightly changing every year. I’ll incorporate more things.

Recently, I’ve been adding acrylics to my watercolor paintings. It gives them additional depth. Plus, acrylics are great for after you finish the painting. There are no acrylics in the one of Roxy but with Allie and Katie, the lava, fire, smoke, palm trees, and birds are all acrylics. Added after I already finished the bulk of the painting.

Pele Enjoying Kona Coffee (Model – Allie)
Roxy as Amphitrite

Try new techniques

I steal constantly. I’ll buy a watercolor or an acrylics book and steal one concept from it. Then I’ll give the book to a friend.

That’s like me and cooking. I’ll buy a cookbook and only take one or two recipes from it. Then I’ll fuck with the recipe, changing one or two things.

So even when I try someone else’s technique, I’ll add my own touch to it.

It’s just like when I was in bands. When we played covers, I always added my own style to the cover. It never sounded just like the band we covered.

Live life

The more you live, the more unique you become.

I’m not like the average person. I strongly feel the average person is lazy. Plays safe. Takes no risks.

That’s why I’ve never had problems with the babes. Joe here is 6′ tall but he’s a dweeb. I’m weird looking and got bottle thick glasses but I’m always doing exciting shit. Then Joe has the audacity to complain that I’m getting laid and he’s not.

The same applies to art. You got to live.

Why was Ernest Hemingway such a good writer?

He lived.

Why was Charles Bukowski such a good poet?

He lived.

I really don’t understand why this is so hard to understand.

Prince lived. When he died, he was good at everything. A top notch guitarist. Master of several styles of music. Musical genius. He wrote so many songs that he had to give away half of them.

I even heard he was outstanding in both basketball and ping pong. Yes, ping pong.

Watch Dave Chappelle on Prince. Whereas it was a comedy sketch, Prince really was that good. And he kicked Eddie’s and Charlie’s asses while wearing Mozart clothes. Then served them pancakes.

If you’re wondering why he was always with beautiful women, there ya go.

He lived.

Jimi Hendrix?

He was experienced.

He lived.

The more you live, the more interesting you become. And likewise, the better your writing becomes if you’re a writer. The better your art becomes if you’re a painter. Because you’re an interesting person. And interesting people create interesting artwork.

Don’t compromise

On my old Twitter account, back when it was huge, I posted that same pose of Roxy. A different painting, but the same pose.

And the feminists flipped out. Especially the male feminists (almost always gamma males).

“Real women don’t look like that!”

Yes, they do. Roxy really looks like that.

“You need to study anatomy!”

Actually, I already have. Just because your body looks like garbage doesn’t mean Roxy does.

Roxy really is that beautiful. Apparently, none of these losers have ever seen a Latina naked.

So rather than apologizing to the losers I offended, I doubled down. I made fun of the female feminists for being ugly, bitter, and jealous. I made fun of the male feminists for being virgins.

And you know what? Everyone reading what I wrote knew that I was telling the truth. The women were ugly, bitter, and jealous and the male feminists couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse. That’s why they were male feminists.

It got me a lot of hate but in the long run, it paid off. The people who agreed with me saw that I stand my ground against the woketards and the nutjobs.

I’ll make something very clear. If I’m not watching where I’m going and I step on your toes, I’ll apologize. That’s my bad, and I should have been watching where I’m going.

However, if I tell the truth and someone gets offended, then that’s their problem. Not mine. They can fuck themselves.

I’m an honest man and I don’t compromise.

Likewise, my art doesn’t compromise either.

Sure, it offends weak people. But fuck them. I only got ears for people with their credit cards out anyways. I don’t see these woketards whipping out their credit cards. So their words mean nothing to me.

So if you’re a fellow creative, be yourself. Play to your strengths. Live life. And don’t compromise.

Once you compromise your art, your art is no longer yours. You’ll seriously regret it later and I can guarantee you that. I’m an extrovert and I’ve talked to a lot of old people. The ones who stood their ground? You’ll know. They’ll die with integrity and for that, that’s something that nobody can ever take away from them.

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