Is Ramsha’s uncle right about woketards?

I’ve written about woketards before in my wokeshevik “artist” article. Not my favorite topic though. I’d much rather write about self-improvement.

But someone sent me this. And I thought about it.

I’ve lived in both San Francisco and Seattle, which are now certified shitholes. Whatever the far left takes over, they ruin. I’ve never been to Minneapolis, but I’ve heard they’ve ruined that city as well.

Both Seattle and San Francisco are overrun by woketards. Not surprisingly, both cities suck.

It’s such a shame though. California in the 80s was heaven on earth. One of the most beautiful places in the country.

The folks used to be fit. And happy. And if you fell out of an airplane over a California town, you’d probably land on top of a beautiful woman back then.

Now, San Francisco chicks? Yeah, good luck finding a decent one. (And to be fair, I’ve heard the same from the older ladies about the lack of testosterone amongst the straight male population in that city).

Anyways, here’s what my buddy sent:

Contrary to what the woketards keep bitching about, America is a wonderful country to live in. We got more opportunity here than just about anywhere else.

And racism?

Don’t make me laugh.

If you travel anywhere in the world, the racism here pales to almost anywhere else. I can tell you stories for days.

“But America had slavery.”

Yeah, no shit Einstein. Ever heard of Ancient Egypt? They had slaves. Ancient Greece, the birthplace of democracy? They had slaves.

Slavery is still alive and well in Muslim countries. It’s alive and well in North Korea too, which currently leads the world per capita in slavery.

You ever heard of India? In 2021, they have more slaves than the rest of the world combined. To be fair though, they also have a huge population.

China may have more slaves but they’re good at covering up their lies. So that’s me taking a wild guess. I could be wrong.

Of course, not at all dismissing the past. America has stains in her past. What we did to the Native Americans was horrible too. And the Japanese during WWII. And the medical experiments.

But you know what? You’re currently under a global medical experiment as we speak. If you’re in denial about it, well, I’m tired of talking about it so keep your head buried in the sand.

What I’m getting at is every nation on the planet has flaws. America relatively does a pretty good job correcting past mistakes. I say relatively because you need to compare us to other nations. I’d hate to be in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, or the UK in 2021 for instance. I’d especially hate to be an Aborigine in Australia right now. And once again, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, do your own research. I’m an artist, not your guru.

Now why do I bring up woketards? Because like I said above, they make places worse. Everywhere they touch, they turn it to shit. And I mean that both figuratively and literally.

Before we left San Francisco, my wife couldn’t even wear open toed shoes. She had a pretty good chance of stepping in human piss.

Plus they got rid of the needle exchange program because they thought it was too much work for drug addicts. Instead, they gave away free needles.

The result? Needles all over the streets. Would be a bummer if you stepped on a needle from a guy with HIV.

Yes, it was that bad. But once again, I’m not your guru.

Take a week off work and spend it in San Francisco or Seattle. You’ll not only see I’m right, it will be your worst vacation you’ve ever had.

There’s a reason why all the cool kids are leaving California.


If you want to read more about modern slavery, this is a good resource –


  1. Roman you are so correct but I would disagree about “the woketards” Aside from calling
    people names, which is usually pretty lame, the problems in ‘woke cities” are usually human
    problems and “woketards” are trying to deal with them. Like I said, you are correct about things
    like needle exchange and I know I would struggle figuring out how to distribute, maintain, and
    effectively use Portapotties…….these are intractable issues Roman…….I always enjoy your
    work and art

    1. They call themselves woke, which is a passive aggressive slur against normal people. It’s implying that people who disagree with them are asleep. So I simply use their word against them.

      San Francisco was heaven on earth in the 80s. I was there. They ruined it.

      Los Angeles was a blast in the early 90s. They ruined that too. Last time I saw Los Angeles was 2020 and it was a sad sight. I was there for a quick business trip and I couldn’t believe how badly they ruined it. I’m now scared to go to the Ventura to Santa Barbara areas because I have such good memories of those places. I’d be sad if they ruined them too.

      And thank you! I appreciate that big time.

      That’s why I try not to get caught up in the Left vs Right thing. The guy who told us to go to Romania is a socialist. Great guy!

      The guy who bought my most expensive painting calls himself an “almost socialist.” And my main musical fan is a vegan who drives a Prius.

      So I’d take a good person any day of the week over someone who agrees with me politically. I’d be a Libertarian if Libertarians weren’t a bunch of cold assholes. I’m warm and definitely not fond of cold people.

      So the politics I voice are when people do actual damage – like take away my Rights (guns, 4th amendment, the Branch Covidians, etc) or in the case of California – ruin what used to be my favorite cities. I’ll always have a soft spot for California and it’s just sad what it’s become.

      And like I said before, I’m glad you’re here! I will never, ever claim to think I know everything. I’m continually evolving.

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