Last Thing On My Mind

Last Thing On My Mind by Opium Tales

2015. My band Astral Eyes just got a new singer and we spent every moment we could either in the recording studio or shooting videos with hot babes.

Yeah, we made a huge tactical mistake. We tried to market image rather than the music.

I watched one too many Rap videos and mistakenly thought that was the way to go.

As for the music in the recording studio – most of it was already written years ago. The main single from the album Creature of the Night – I wrote back in 2007 for my previous band. The lead singer was a cute Goth chick, thus the Goth lyrics.

But I never stop working. I’ve never understood people who say “I’m bored.” I can never be bored. I’m always working on something.

I wrote “Last Thing On My Mind” for the next album. The album we’d put out in late 2015 already had a ballad – One More Serenade.

I wrote One More Serenade back in 2008 and it had entirely different lyrics, written by that singer. But I wrote the music, so I took the notations with me, added a string quartet, wrote some new lyrics, and released it with my new band.

I liked it so much that I felt that it needed a sequel. That’s Last Thing On My Mind – the sequel to One More Serenade.


Except this time, I’d record with a real Flamenco guitar.

Funny story – we went to Barcelona in 2015. My wife and I stayed in the Gothic district, which I highly recommend.

It’s like a maze. Actually, it really is a maze.

One night, both of us had too much to drink and we had to hire a taxi to get us back to our B&B.

Anyways, we did a lot of walking. And discovered a lot of really cool little things.

I happened to find a real live Luthier. He made violins, cellos, and Flamenco guitars by hand.

I scored one for 1100 euros, case included. Huge score because if I wanted to sell it, I’d easily get 3000 euros for it today. Easily.

But of course, I won’t sell it as it’s not replaceable.

What did I name her? Pepita, of course, after Manuel de Godoy’s mistress, painted by Goya.

We never recorded the song

In 2017, Skitz wanted to go more a Prog route. I personally can’t stand Prog as it’s more often than not musicians wanking on their instruments for hours rather than actually writing a song.

If you like it, more power to you. But also know, if you’re playing Prog, you’ll be playing live to sausage fests. I’ve been in Prog Metal bands before and the only girls in the audience were our girlfriends and the other band’s girlfriends.

Anyways, we left on good terms. I wish him the best of luck.

But this song sat there.

I rediscovered it in 2021 and decided I need to record it. I hired the same string quartet I always use and a new singer.

In the studio, it was just me and Randy (the drummer/Producer) with an intern sound engineer who pressed record. We recorded it on 2″ analog tape. If you don’t know what that is, let me just tell you that you need to ask an audiophile. The audiophile will explain to you in graphic detail why analog tape is superior to digital. I’ll let him explain it to you because I’m not that technical. I just like to play guitar and piano and compose music and let the Sound Engineers deal with that technical crap.

The theme? The death of Romanticism. I’m a Romantic and Romanticism sadly died in Europe with World War I. European culture never recovered.

However Romanticism never truly died in America. You got the woketards who are actively trying to destroy any traces of it. But they’ll lose because everyone hates them.

Click here and give it a listen. I put a minute and a half preview clip up there. It’s a six and a half minute song, but there’s no wanking. Every second makes sense. I focused mainly on the vocal melodies and the string quartet. There’s a violin solo and a guitar solo, but both were written with beauty in mind, not either of us showing off.

And if you like it, please support us. It’s only 99c.

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