Beauty is a level up

When my son was little, he and I used to make up all these characters. We both had good guys and bad guys.

I had one guy named Mean Gene. He would beat up random peasants just to get more experience points.

Of course with enough experience points, you level up to the next level.

The same applies to beauty

Beauty is a level up. The more beautiful you are, the more opportunities you’ll have.

Hey. To be clear, I don’t make the rules. I didn’t invent the human race. I’m just aware of how the human race thinks.

Whether you like it or not, humans are animals. Yes, civilized or not, we’re still animals.

Beauty hits us on a primal level. “But beauty is cultural.” Bullshit.

It’s only cultural to a point. It’s still primarily primal.

This doesn’t just apply to sex either. Straight men will favor male friends who are physically attractive over guys who are physically hideous. You want a good looking crew. An ugly crew will scare the babes away. We understand this on a primal level.

Beautiful people make more money

Beautiful people make more money than ugly people. Beautiful people will have more opportunities and are more likely to be promoted. That’s just a fact of life.

Can you be hideous and financially successful?


But you’ll be doing it with a disadvantage.

A lot of beauty is choice

Now, this is where I piss off the politically correct types. Those people get defensive over everything and immediately play the victim card every chance they get.

Well guess what?

First, let me tell you a story.

At my previous day job, I had several people go on diets. I’ve caught them red handed cheating their diets and rather than saying “I shouldn’t have done that,” they’d say “don’t tell anyone.”

Look, Einstein, other people’s knowledge of cheating your diet isn’t going to affect whether or not the diet works. Sticking to the diet is what makes the diet works.

Or, they’ll passive aggressively try to shame me. “Oh Roman, you’re so lucky you’re fit.”

So, working until exhaustion at the gym and eating 13 meals a week (no snacks whatsoever) is luck?

You know what?

The type of diet isn’t even the issue. It’s following it, and doing the appropriate amount of exercise. That’s what works. Everyone deep down inside knows that but only the brave are willing to say it out loud.

I’m a gambler

I’m a gambler. But I understand odds. If the dealer is showing a six and I got an 18, I’m obviously not going to hit.

The same applies for beauty. There are things you can do to make yourself more beautiful.

You can control what you can control. Not everyone is born with a pretty face.

You can drink lots of water. You can eat healthy. Eat the right fats (do not EVER go on a no fat diet if you want to be beautiful unless you want to destroy your skin). And exercise.

It’s not that hard.

Well, the self-control portion may be hard for some but that’s on you, not me.

And one more thing.

Me being fit does not affect your fitness in any way whatsoever. Let me say that again for the idiots and easily offended.

If I am in shape, it does not hurt your chances for you to be in shape whatsoever.

Birds of a feather flock together

In fact, birds of a feather. Rather than trying to shame me for giving a flying fuck about my health, how about you give a flying fuck about your own health?

One secret way to get fit – hang out with fit people. Humans are social creatures. We tend to pick up each other’s habits, for better or for worse.

Alcoholics probably shouldn’t hang out exclusively with other alcoholics. That’s not a good strategy to manage your drink intake.

And if your top five best friends pick their noses in public, you might just find yourself picking your nose in public too.

Same with health.

If you hang out with healthy people, you tend to pick up better health habits. That’s just how it goes.

Rather than arguing with your healthy friends and trying to shame them, how about asking the right questions. And once again, don’t argue the responses. Consider them. Because you know what? What they’re doing is obviously working.

I’m a self-improvement guy. I’ve been like that since my early 20s.

I try to fix everything that I can about myself. So far, I’ve developed a lot of skill sets to improve my life.

Allie and Roxy get what they want

I’ve seen it happen many, many times. Sometimes men’s heads turn so fast, you’ll wonder if they’ll get whiplash.

Both Allie and Roxy have no problem whatsoever attracting men. So they get their choices. They don’t have to play that desperation game.

Nope. Sorry men. Neither are single now. You snooze, you lose.

My wife had the same opportunities. Tall and fit, with red hair? No problems whatsoever. She chose me because she knew I was going places, despite being totally broke at the time. That’s called female intuition. A lot of women suck at it. I know why, but that’s a rant for another day.

And beautiful women are stupid? Sour grapes. Whatever makes you sleep better at night.

Allie in fact speaks three languages fluently and has one of the best memories I’ve ever seen. She also has this sixth sense to her. She always finds a way to get what she wants.

Roxy has this coolness. Hard to explain unless you’re there.

And I’m already selling paintings. I’m giving them both a cut because they were modeling for free. When I’m making seven figures a year, which is going to happen at this rate, they’ll be loving it.

See? It pays to be beautiful.

Feel free to level up

In 2020, I finally got into investing in Bitcoin. I had a friend in 2011 tell me about it and you know what? I should have paid attention. He’s now very well off. Oops.

What does that have to do with beauty? Well, let’s put it this way. It’s never too late.

You’re a human. Not a dog. Old humans can learn new tricks.

The same healthy habits will also level up your beauty. Drinking lots of water. A healthy diet. A healthy attitude. Surrounding yourself with positive and motivated people. Getting rid of the ones who drag you down and want you to be mediocre.

Which brings us back to beauty, when you’re beautiful, you’ll have a lot of emotionally healthy and self-starter types wanting to talk to you. So, feel free to level up. The future you can thank me later.

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