Changing themes and Sea Monsters

Well, I usually don’t talk too much about the technical stuff. But my previous theme had such a horrible bug that I got really mad and felt like throwing my laptop out the window.

Thankfully, I didn’t do that.

But I did send out a stupid test which I regret sending out because I forgot I have a mailing list. So, my apologies to anyone who received it.

Luckily, I deduced the bug to be in the theme and not WordPress itself. So, another apology – to the WordPress people. I blamed the wrong people. I should have blamed the theme people, not the WordPress people.

To the previous theme – I’ll never use that theme again. Three strikes.

Long term, this is all a good thing. Now I got a better looking theme. It’s simple and slick, and looks pretty modern. I like it a lot.

Plus, I know now not to send out stupid tests because they go out to my mailing list.

So my website will look a lot different from here on out. The Opium Tales store still works fine.

Sea Monsters

Erik Pontoppidan was a Norwegian explorer who encountered sea serpents, mermaids, and possibly even the Kraken.  Yes, that Kraken.

You may laugh.  But I’ve seen his illustrations and coincidentally, one of his sea monsters happened to pop up in the background during a photoshoot with Roxy in the Caribbean.

So I redeem Pontoppidan’s good name.

Is that true? Of course not. Makes for a good story though.

However, Erik Pontoppiddan was a real person. A cartographer, he mapped the known world at the time.

Pontoppiddan really did believe in sea monsters and mermaids. The painting below with Roxy is based off of one of his sea monsters.

Roxy skinny dipping with a sea monster
Roxy skinny dipping with a sea monster

I had so much fun painting this that I’m going to do a series of sea monster paintings, each one based on a historical sea monster. I’ll also give credit to where it’s due. Pontoppiddan died in the 1700s so needless to say, his copyright is expired. I’ll still credit him of course.

Anyways, believe what you will. Some folks still believe in mermaids. Other folks believe that giant sharks still exist at the bottom of the sea.

I won’t share my opinion because I believe the artist should always leave his work up for interpretation.

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