On inking, becoming an artist, photography, and horror

You could split people into whatever types or categories you want. Some get offended by categorizing people. I don’t.

Let’s now have some fun with artists. The way I see it, there are two types of artists. There are artists who like hard lines and artists who don’t.

I fall into the former category. I like hard lines. That’s why I ink my watercolors. I like distinct lines.

Inking can be frustrating though. Ink does not forgive. You make one inking mistake and that’s it. You can’t fix it.

So yeah, ink intimidates noobs. But you know what? Good.

If you can’t draw, then why be an artist in the first place?

If someone came up to me and asked if they wanted to learn watercolors, I’d tell them to buy pencils, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, and a roll of copy paper. Yes, the paper you buy for your copy machine.

Forget the expensive stuff. Buy this stuff. It’s cheap and you’re going to suck for awhile so you might as well save money.

“But what does that have to do with watercolors?”

Everything. Whether you’re doing landscapes, flowers, birds, or pinup art like me, if you can’t draw, your watercolors are going to suck. So learn to draw first.

It’s just like if I put an ad out for a rhythm guitarist, and some asshole answers the ad and doesn’t know his basic chords. He’s wasting my time. He needs to go and learn his chords first.

Drawing is the root of all art. If you can’t draw, you’re not an artist.

I used to do photography

I like beautiful women. Always have. Always will.

Allie and Roxy are private figures. They have private lives and I’ll never disclose their full names. Even those names are nicknames.

Unless of course, they decide to become public figues.

Until then, I honor their privacy.

But back when I was a cartoonist, I loved to photograph beautiful women. I’m not going to show my nudes here. Just the clothed shots.

If I ever get back into nude photography, I’ll create an entirely separate website. I feel like they don’t belong on this one because this one is my pinup art blog. I also write about life, but it’s mainly to sell prints of my pinup art. So I mainly talk about watercolors, gouaches, pinups, music, and drinking. The important stuff in life.

Anyways, photography is a good life. I’ve heard some photographers in the past complain about models. One time, I had some guy tell me that I must be lucky because the models I work with are pretty cool whereas he gets nothing but bitches.

I’ll be blunt. If I don’t like a model, I don’t ever work with her again. Problem solved.

My 2c? The guy either can’t filter properly or is a creep. What the hell is he doing here?

Methinks some folks just like to complain. The majority of the models I’ve worked with have been pretty cool.

But then again, I’ve developed a good filter over the years. If something is screaming red flag, I’ll pass.

Unfortunately, I was never a good photographer. I think that takes a different kind of talent that I’ve just never developed.

I enjoyed it. But I wasn’t good at it.

I’m good at pinups however, so I’ll continue in that direction. I may get into photography again if I have more time but I literally have very little time between art, music, and my writings.

Oh by the way, I got an eBook coming out next year. I’ll sell it here and on Amazon. I may or may not do a printed version.

Some of the Girls

Jin n Tonic and Kristy Jessica
Jin n Tonic and Kristy Jessica

That was shot in 2016 outside of Vegas. I’ve painted Jin n Tonic before. Super nice girl. I’ve worked with her four times now. Twice modeling for paintings.

Tori outside Chico

That’s Tori from 2015. Beautiful girl. Shot that one outside of Chico, California, which if you’ve never been there, it’s a beautiful place.

Tori’s a lovely lady. I’ve worked with her three times and unfortunately never painted her. She’s since retired from modeling and now makes skin care stuff.

I have some of her skin care stuff and it’s excellent! I actually bought over $100 of product. Her creams and scrubs are top notch. I never bought any of her soaps though but I assume they’re also pretty good.

Kaleah Dawn
Kaleah Dawn

This is Kaleah Dawn. I’ve only worked with her once but found her to be hell of cool. Would love to work with her again.

Bad timing though. I was starting to go a different direction artistically and never called her again for another project. If I get back into photography though, she’d be high on my list of who I’d want to work with again.

I’ve also made a horror short film with Nitda Cee, who’s a public figure. As cute as she looks in the pictures and videos you’ll find of her, she’s even better in real life. A very shy person at first. I must have worked with her five times and it took several times for her to talk.

I may or may not release the short film. It’s an honest first attempt at horror. Full of flaws. Had a decent jump scare but that’s about it.

Nitda though looked like a total babe in it and she even did some real acting, so if I ever release it, it would be in her benefit a lot more than mine.

Anyways, I want to give you a little bit more of my background. I’ve done so many things in the past that I’ve forgotten half the stuff I’ve done. Of course going forward, I’ll focus on my pinup art, my music, and my writing but there’s a part of me that still wants to do photography and maybe even a full length horror movie someday.

It won’t be a gore film. I don’t like gore. I think it’s lazy. I’d rather play with your head than your stomach. That takes more talent.

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