On Instagram vegans, swagger, and phone cameras suck for sunsets

This trend seems to have died down a little. But not too long ago, it seemed like every other chick on Instagram was trying out veganism.

Then of course, you had “actual” vegans on Instagram. I put the actual in quotes because guess what? I personally knew of not one, but two Instagram vegans irl who were vegans only on Instagram. Yes, I’ve seen them eat non-vegan food. (And yes, they’re pretty large accounts).

I won’t disclose their names though because I just find it funny. They’re not in any way threatening me so it’s no big deal.

But it makes me wonder, how many vegans are only vegans when people are looking?

On Swagger

The other day, I saw pics of Jason Momoa vs Lenny Kravitz.

Momoa has plenty of swagger in film. His Khal Drago character is awesome. Recently though, he got divorced from his wife. Bless both of their hearts. I got no animosity towards them. I was a Lisa Bonet fan back in the Cosby Show days because I was a horny teenager and she was smoking hot.

Now what do these people have in common?

They’re all tied together. Kravitz is a rock star. Married Bonet in the late 80s then divorced her in the early 90s. Momoa married Bonet in the late 2010s and they just recently divorced.

Momoa looks like a bad ass. He plays a bad ass. But in real life? Bless his heart but his body language shows women walk all over him.

Kravitz on the other hand has swagger in his body language.

So something I’ve consistently noticed – a lot of “tough men” get walked on by women. Weird how that works.

I know people don’t like the word frame because it’s used a lot by autistic PUAs, but it fits.

I personally am not great looking. I’m not tall. For most of my life, I had no money. But I never had problems with the babes because I’ve always had swagger.

What is swagger? You’ll know it when you see it.

Even better, the word offends feminists. Yeah, everything offends feminists but this one really gets under their skin because they know no man with real swagger will ever want to fuck them.

And yes, feminists are still women. Contrary to some folks’ opinions, women, like men, also enjoy sex. Actually Benjamin Franklin was right. He rightfully said that women enjoy sex more than men. But then again, Franklin was one of the smartest men to ever have lived.

Phone cameras suck for sunsets

Want to enjoy life more?

Watch more sunsets.

“But I’m soooo busy!”

Well, there’s the root of your problem. Unless you’re a slave in China, busy only means you prioritize other things. You have time. You just need to prioritize them.

Unfortunately, the human eye does circles over phone cameras for sunsets. Every time I’ve taken pics of a gorgeous sunset with my phone, it would miss some of the beauty. I’m no phone optics expert so I can’t explain why this happens. I just know that that’s not what I saw.

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  1. Yeah. Phone cameras cannot capture the unique beauty of sunsets and sunrises. It’s just like what Bruce Lee said in Enter the Dragon: “Don’t concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all the heavenly glory”.

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