Revisiting Shirtgate

I paint pinups.

I also compose music that nobody ever buys.

But today, let’s talk about pinups. Because for one, I love painting pinups. For another, it’s the only part of Opium Tales that’s profitable. And for another, I’ve traveled the world (well, not all 7 seas yet but getting there…) and am still not convinced that anything is more beautiful than a beautiful woman.

Once upon a time, there was a scientist named Matt Taylor. (He’s still around today, I just always wanted to word it like that).

Mr. Taylor is a British astrophysicist working for the European Space Agency. Before Mr. Taylor, no one in the world had ever landed a probe on a comet.

In 2004, the European Space Agency kicked off the Rosetta Mission. They wanted to study comets, and specifically focused on 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, a Jupiter-family comet.

67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko travels at an average of 84,000 mph. If you’re in pretty good shape, you can run 20 mph. I’ve driven about 130 mph but don’t have the exact speed because I had other things on my mind at the time.

The speed of sound is 767 mph.

Now, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what I’m getting at. Comets go ridiculously fast. And Mr. Taylor did something that others thought was previously impossible. He landed a probe on that comet in 2014 (yes, it took 10 years).

First time ever. Historic occasion, right?

Well, guess what happened?

He goes to tell the press about this incredible feat and it’s overshadowed by his shirt.

This one:

Matt Taylor’s “offensive” shirt. Photo – AP

The horror! Feminists everywhere who have never accomplished and never will accomplish anything close to what Mr. Taylor accomplished got offended. And tried to cancel him.

Now, that shirt for one, is pretty fucking cool. For another, a female friend of his gave it to him.

And for another, it’s pinups, with clothed chicks.

I paint pinups, except naked chicks.

I could see someone getting offended by a shirt if I had painted it. But these are clothed chicks with guns.

And instead of the world applauding this brilliant (and previously seemingly impossible) feat, he gets in heat for his shirt.

So, they forced an apology out of him. The poor guy teared up when giving it too. Keep in mind, this guy is a scientist, not a motivational speaker. I didn’t think it for one ever occurred to him that these idiots would be offended by his shirt. For another, it’s a fucking shirt! He landed a probe on a comet going 84,000 mph!

Fuck all those SJWs

You see, I got personal investment in this. I’m trying to make pinups cool again.

I grew up with Frank Frazetta, Olivia de Bernardinis, Heavy Metal magazine, and beautiful 80s girls who I’d party and have great times with. Times that you young ones unfortunately won’t experience because today, it’s an offended by everything culture.

I’ve also said something that is consistently true – the ones who get offended are always ugly. Always.

It’s unreal that folks would rather tear others down rather than build themselves up. I don’t get that mindset at all.

I don’t respect jealous people. If I see someone better than me in something I want to be good in, I don’t tear them down. Rather, I study everything about their techniques. I want to know how they got what they got and I try to duplicate their success.

Jealousy is a stupid, useless trait. It gets you nowhere and accomplishes nothing.

The root emotion of these SJWs though is jealousy. It’s obvious and I can’t believe more people don’t point it out.

So hats off to Mr. Taylor and everyone else who worked on the Rosetta Mission. What they did was bad ass!

Which reminds me. I need to get some Opium Tales shirts made. I’ll give these SJW douchebags something to get offended over.

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    1. Agreed.

      The feminist is one of nature’s most useless creatures. Contributes nothing. Makes mountains out of molehills.

      I should offer consulting services to scientists – how to get feminists to shut their worthless traps.

  1. As a STEM student, it saddens me how a great achievement is overshadowed by fucking optics, worse considering how the feminists are trying to inject their disgusting ideologies into the STEM field. I have seen that shit in college, unsurprisingly in the form of “Women for Engineering”.

    1. Yes. It’s quite sickening that they’re trying to make STEM woke. The fields that should be only about performance.

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