More sweat, less social media

I recently wrote about prioritizing social media last. Too many creative types spend too much time on their social media addiction and not enough time on their works. Then they wonder why they don’t progress as fast as they’d like to.

I’ve also recently discussed the four important things in making your life better. If you’re at least decent at health, relationships, finances, and extracurricular activities, your life will be pretty good. Especially compared to the Jones’s (who are buried in debt and only pretending to be happy).

Well, sometimes when I write, I write for myself. I’ve been on social media too much recently. Sure, it’s because I temporarily have no commute to my day job so that saves me a few hours a day. That’s huge for me. A lot of extra time.

But am I using it wisely?

Not as wisely as I should.

So I’m calling myself out on this. I’ve spent too much time promoting on social media and not enough time on the blog. This blog needs to come way ahead of social media.

Social media short term brings you views to your blog. But long term, the blog is where it’s at. I was thinking too short term. No more.

More time in the sun

With the gyms still closed in these parts, I need to walk and run more. Sure it’s hot. But so what?

The more you sweat the better, assuming you’re replacing your water and electrolytes.

I’m going to prioritize working out over social media too. I got our diets exactly where they need to be. Now gotta work on the exercise part.

I’ll finally touch the Black Sea this summer. We’ve done two oceans, one gulf, and five seas. Time to bring that number up.

That means I’ll have my shirt off. I got a few months to turn this flab into a six pack.

Will I pull it off? Only if I work hard enough.

I’ve cut down to 13 meals a week. One day a week, one meal. The other days – two. No snacking.

I do get some extra calories from whiskey and absinthe but they’re generally right after dinner.

Most people are sheep

Most people can’t think for themselves. They need validation from others in order to even believe anything.

If you’re a self-starter, no matter how bad you start off, you’ll eventually pass up the masses due to this alone.

I had this thought when the Mrs put on her music mix. Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen came on.

I remember playing this in college for some people and they were like “this is weird.”

Then that stupid Wayne’s World movie came out and suddenly, those same sheeple want to borrow my Queen record.

Perfect example.

If you’re a self-starter, you’ll pass up those kinds of people.

I’m a strange person to most. I think for myself. I have original thoughts. I believe in Free Will.

I don’t need someone else’s validation to like or dislike anything. I decide that stuff on my own.

Weird, huh?

This isn’t just about music. It applies to everything. Even things like diets.

That’s why we have “fad diets.” All these sheep, totally unable to think for themselves, suddenly find their friend on a fad diet. Then they have to try it. It spreads around until the next fad diet replaces it.

Rolling this all back to social media – another reason I’ll be spending a lot less time on it. One guy says something. Then everyone else parrots.

It gets old fast.

Only a fraction of the population can think for themselves.

Sadly, we all can. It’s just most are too cowardly to. They need approval from their peers first.

Continuing the brighter colors

I don’t know how long I’ll go thru this phase. I love it though, and don’t see myself changing any time soon.

I got tired of painting dreary colors and switched over to brighter colors because they feel more alive.

Here’s my latest of Allie. Seagull from our trip to Los Angeles earlier this year.

Allie on the beach with a seagull
Allie on the beach with a seagull

If you like my style, be sure to visit the Opium Tales shop and support us. My wife mats the prints and shipping is free to the USA and Canada.

By the way, Allie had a baby a year ago. Yes, she already looks this good.

I’ve been bugging her to put out a diet book or something, but she wants to remain private. Probably a smart move.

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  1. It’s a real problem. And I’m as guilty as sin on this one.

    The world would be a much better place if we collectively defunded social media of our attention. And yet we don’t.

    It’s truly the elephant in the room.

    1. True.

      I cut social media out of weekends right after the 5pm bell until Monday morning to start. Then I’ll start cutting out more hours from there.

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