Solid process especially helps reckless types

Statue from 1915

Two things you’ll never see on this blog – dishonesty, and me stealing someone else’s images.

I can’t stand stock images either. Especially when someone who claims to be a “lifestyle blogger” uses them.

If you’re a lifestyle blogger, that means you’ve lived an interesting life. Right?

Therefore, you should have enough interesting photos that you don’t need to use stock images.

Everything you see on this blog is either my art or was taken by me unless stated otherwise. For instance, if I’m showing my favorite artists, I didn’t take the picture. But it’s obvious it’s not me and I’ll properly credit the artist.

Like the featured image for this article. I have a pretty cool story about it.

We were over at my buddy’s house last night. We brought sushi. He provided fine wine.

He and I have very similar tastes in aesthetics. Women. Art. Architecture. Cities. We even have overlap in music, despite him being Punk/Post Punk/Goth/Baroque and me being Dad Metal/Romanticism.

We like the same period of Simple Minds for instance and hate the same period of Simple Minds.

Anyways, his home is like a museum. I sincerely hope when he passes that either an antique collector or a museum will pick up some of his best belongings. He has genuine Victorian art in his house and even a statue from the Panama-Pacific International Expo from 1915.

The featured image? Her face.

It may be worth a fortune.

And no, I won’t say where he lives.


Like me, he’s reckless. He also drinks too much and has broken a few girls’ hearts that didn’t deserve it.

We’re not bad people. We’ve just done things we’ve later regretted.

As all of us have. We just come clean about it. Others will lie about it or shift the blame.

Unlike me though, he doesn’t have a good process. My process makes up for my recklessness.

Every single morning, I wake up, do 50 push-ups, my Romanian lessons, drink a glass of fresh lemon water with salt, and practice my gesture drawings.

Every paycheck, I pay myself first. I have several bots that take money from here and move it to there.

My savings keeps getting bigger and bigger. Then from my savings, I move it into ventures that will make more money.

Now, I’m not going to tell you how to invest because I’m a pig. But I will tell you that you need to invest.

Then after the day job, I drink and paint.

I have either Allie or Roxy over every weekend too. I sketch them.

Then convert the best sketches to paintings. That process has a lot of randomness to it. Which is great. That’s what art’s about, baby!

Still, I just disclosed to you three of my processes. My morning routine. My paycheck routine. And my painting routine.

You get into good routines and your life will be so much better. You even get to keep your personality flaws.

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