50 things about yours truly

I’m pretty honest about myself and also good at self-evaluation. I know where I’m at and also know where I need to be.

Like earlier this week, I paid a cryptocurrency consultant to teach me what I need to know about cryptocurrency. I’m glad I did and honestly believe he should be charging 2x for his consultations.

That said, I get called modest by folks with good self-esteem and conceited by folks with bad self-esteem. I’ll act exactly the same in front of both groups too. Funny how that works.

Anyway, here goes. 50 thing about yours truly. Because why not?

  1. One of my goals is to be trilingual by 2030 (English, Spanish, and Romanian).
  2. I love playing sports, even ones I suck at (like volleyball for instance).
  3. I didn’t play soccer until I turned 30. Within a year, I was already better than the majority of pickup soccer players. Speed matters. Nice moves buddy but you’re too slow to catch me.
  4. Yes, I run very fast. Not NFL speed but way faster than your average Joe.
  5. I didn’t learn to draw until my early 30s. Before then, my drawings looked like a child’s.
  6. I fiercely believe that you could be good at anything. You just gotta do the work.
  7. I saw a 5’1″ man with his 2 kids absolutely wreck some pretty good teens in basketball. They knew how to communicate, pass, and made their shots. Proof of the above.
  8. I can’t be friends with neurotically clean people.
  9. I also can’t be friends with bad tippers.
  10. I’ll never travel anywhere with a vegetarian because I hate having to limit my food choices.
  11. I’ll never give up drinking.
  12. That said, I can be close friends with someone who doesn’t drink. If they’re not drinking though, I’m not either. I like being on the same wavelength.
  13. I’ll also never give up pizza.
  14. Other than pizza, we’re super healthy. I gave up fast food awhile back.
  15. I don’t like kangaroo, wild boar, sea cucumber, or jellyfish.
  16. Rabbit and ostrich aren’t bad but they’re boring. Even more boring tasting than chicken.
  17. One of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen – I was picking up buffalo steaks for some of my Native American friends. The butcher girl comes out of the freezer with an apron covered in blood carrying my steaks, and she was smoking hot.
  18. I wouldn’t be an artist if it weren’t for Allie. I’d still be a cartoonist though.
  19. I prefer the Paul Di’anno years of Iron Maiden to the Bruce Dickinson years. That said, the Dickinson solo albums with Roy Z are tremendous!
  20. Judas Priest is my favorite band.
  21. Tchaikovsky is my favorite composer.
  22. I’ll readily admit Beethoven is a “better” composer. However, I just like Tchaikovsky’s pretty melodies better than anything else.
  23. Deep Purple/Rainbow is better than Led Zeppelin and Blackmore is a better guitarist than Page.
  24. Wagner is the greatest orchestrator there ever was.
  25. The Rolling Stones are better than the Beatles. By far.
  26. I need at least one massage a month. I usually go to a sports masseuse. I push my body farther than 95% of non-professional athletes.
  27. Barring a car accident or cancer, I’ll live to be 100+. My ticker is like someone in their 20s.
  28. I just started learning how to use a speedbag last week. I’m still pretty terrible at it. By this time next year though, I’ll look super cool using one.
  29. My son’s best friend said I’d be easy to assassinate. Just send in a super hot, naked female assassin. I didn’t disagree.
  30. I’m drinking an old fashioned as I’m writing this.
  31. I strongly believe you’re never too old to learn new tricks.
  32. I only started taking the piano seriously last year. In ten years, I’ll be a mean pianist.
  33. I used to compose my orchestral instruments from the guitar, up until this year.
  34. We got a purely Classical EP coming out this year.
  35. I’m a sucker for a pretty face and a curvy body.
  36. It’s a shame that the word “curvy” now means fat. I used to love that word.
  37. I have zero male friends who say “happy wife, happy life.” I don’t associate with those type of “men.”
  38. Of my 5 closest friends, two are from the 80s and one is from the 90s. I keep friends forever unless they’re pieces of shit. Yes, sometimes I’ve filtered poorly and let some bad ones slip in. I don’t blame them for being shitty. I blame myself for bad filtering.
  39. I’m very Bob Ross when I paint. Not stylistically but rather mindset.
  40. In 2021, I’ve painted Roxy more than I’ve painted Allie.
  41. Contrary to popular opinion, pregnancy doesn’t ruin boobs. It actually enhances them. Poor diet and lack of exercise ruins boobs but yeah, feel free to blame pregnancy if that makes you feel better about yourself.
  42. Still to this day, Randy Rhoads is my favorite guitarist. One of these days, I’ll own an American made Randy Rhoads V.
  43. I used to follow professional sports. I actually used to be damn good at fantasy football. Today I’m simply too busy to care.
  44. We have music playing at least five hours a day at home. No streaming. Just CDs but we did make some mp3 CDs that are like 4 or 5 hours of music.
  45. I used to have an awesome record collection. It got lost in one of our moves.
  46. I also used to have a heck of a collection of fully painted metal fantasy miniatures. It got stolen by tweekers. In a perfect world, I’d be able to murder that person and not even get a slap on the wrist. (I’m not sure which one of them did it though).
  47. My guitars, my paintbrushes, and my guns are a part of me. I don’t trust anyone who wants to ban any of them.
  48. I used to wear football jerseys all the time. Deion Sanders (Atlanta) and Brett Favre were my favorites. I don’t anymore because I no longer care.
  49. I have my cousin to thank for getting me into Metal. Iron Man was my favorite song when I was a kid.
  50. I love the human race. And I mean that most sincerely. I think the human race will go on to explore other galaxies.

An old fashioned

  • 1 1/2 ounces bourbon
  • 2 teaspoons simple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon carbonated water
  • 2 dashes of bitters (don’t overdo it!)
  • 1 maraschino cherry

Serve over ice and you’re supposed to garnish with an orange peel but I ate all the oranges. Whoops.


  1. I would dare to say: I wonder what Iron Maiden would have been like if their music would have been written more “Paul-centric” and Paul would have been able to stick around.

    1. My guess – the music would be more like the first two albums where the band relied more on their musicality rather than showcasing Dickinson’s amazing vocal abilities/range.

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