Physiognomy is very much real

When I met my wife, she was a tall, thin blonde with really long hair. I was cheating on my girlfriend at the time, who was a short, pretty blonde also with long hair.

My girlfriend at the time had a pretty face and nice tits. But could have lost 20 pounds.

I was a leftist at the time so too politically correct to let her know she needed to lose those 20 pounds.

Yes, we all go through our stupid periods. I got pretty much everything wrong from that time period. Ironically, cheating on that girlfriend turned out to be the absolute best thing I did in my 20s.

We live in a small world. I’m still connected to people who know most of my exes. I found out that the one who got away got divorced, which is sad because I actually feel bad for the one who got away. She was actually a pretty good person. It was me who was the bad person.

I lost my frame just once and fucked that one up. The one who got away was a brunette with a high IQ.

As for the blonde who could have lost 20 pounds, she became a feminist and aged rather poorly. I’m so glad I’m with my wife instead. My wife still turns heads in the gym, despite the fact that today, we’re old. She’s one of those “hot moms.”

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know about my main two models – Allie (the blonde) and Roxy (the brunette). Both have quality men because good looking women simply attract more men. And good looking women with good filters can filter out the quality from the shit.

Allie and Roxy will both keep their attractiveness for a long time. They both have beautiful souls and it will reflect on how they age.

Children get it

Kids get it. They see Grandma, notice that Grandma has a beautiful smile, and know that Grandma is good. They can’t wait to spend the weekend with Grandma.

But Aunt Edna? She’s ugly. And she’s off.

Kids know that by sight. Aunt Edna is ugly. Grandma is beautiful.

Kids don’t have that political correctness bullshit that society rams down everyone’s throat. They know instinctively that beautiful is good and ugly is bad.

How does this happen?

If you have a beautiful soul, you will age beautifully. You will become the handsome old man or the beautiful old lady. As a former cartoonist, I would have drawn you as either the good King or the Fairy Godmother.

If you have an ugly soul, your ugliness will show up on your face. You will become ugly. I will draw you as the dirty old man or the wicked stepmother.

This crazy bitch

Someone forwarded this to me from TikTok. Out of respect for her privacy (despite the fact that she willingly put this shit on social media), I’ll only show you her eyes. However, her eyes alone are enough information.

Without even knowing what she’s preaching, you know she’s off. She will grow into a bitter old woman who drinks way too much wine and has a dozen cats.

She’s going off on how much she hates white people, systemic racism, and some other mindless woke garbage. It’s weird how these kind of people are the most authoritarian, so authoritarian they want to actually control your thoughts.

You could see how she thinks she’s smarter than you and is speaking to the camera in a demeaning, condescending way.

Unfortunately, these people have taken over California, ruined paradise, and are now moving into the interior to ruin your state as well. One of my old former friends I got rid of last year married someone just like her. She got fatter and fatter. (So did he, yet they both think they know more about nutrition than I do. Go figure).

These people all age poorly.

Now, happy people who enjoy life and take care of themselves? Sometimes, they can even be 4s or 5s in high school, yet age beautifully and turn into beautiful old people. That’s because their face will eventually reflect their souls.

And my ex that I cheated on? She’s no longer pretty. She ended up aging exactly how you’d predict a feminist would age.

Physiognomy is quite real, my friends. Enjoy life. Be grateful. Surround yourself with people who also enjoy life and are grateful. And you will age beautifully.

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  1. Pretty much explains why I’ve been told that I exude creepiness, though most likely it’s because of my social awkwardness.

    1. Play to your strengths.

      A lot of great creatives were socially awkward. Beethoven was an intolerable asshole. Tchaikovsky was overly sensitive. Pretty much every great writer wrote a lot better than they interacted.

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