The Misadventures of Captain Saveaho

The misadventures of Captain Saveaho

Yes. I’m well aware.

Women do this too. They find some “project” and try to fix him.

Yeah, good luck with that. It almost never works.

You’ve heard them say “but I can change him” then you roll your eyes as he proceeds to ruin her life. It sucks when she’s a blood relative.

I’m a heterosexual male though. And I got a confession to make to you.

I’m guilty of it as well.

My life was a mess and I tried to “help” a girl who grew up with serious daddie issues. She was also a feminist.

What the hell was I thinking? That’s the thing. I wasn’t.

The relationship turned sour and she ended up blaming me for things that happened well before she even knew who I was. That’s how much of a narcissist she was. She was unable to differentiate events.

Yup. That’s what I get for being Captain Saveaho.

“But the sex was good” is the main excuse I hear from other men. Well, an even bigger slap in the face here. The sex wasn’t even that good.

We all have our dumb moments. I often feel dumber than most because it took health issues for me to get red pilled. Then I look at the average person’s life and think to myself that they’re even dumber than I am.

Insert eye roll here.

Do you just get it out of your system? Or…

When the damsel in distress calls, the gentleman often can’t help saving her. That’s where the term Captain Saveaho comes from. She’s a ho. Not a quality woman.

Yes, quality women are out there. I married one.

Allie and Roxy are both quality women as well and their respective men know it.

I’ve met some other quality women thru Twitter. My wife and I travel a lot and in 2020, I made a strong point to upgrade my circle.

Even in long dinner conversations, I want good people around me. People who are going somewhere in life. People who are accomplishing things.

I didn’t see a lot of people’s true colors until this year, when the lockdowns forced the true colors out of people.

Yes, I failed to see red flags in some of them. But you know what? Life is a continual learning process.

You just keep on improving. Learning from your experiences.

Or, you don’t and make the same mistakes over and over and over again.

My 2c – the best thing you can do is keep improving. And if you’re working on something important, you simply don’t have time to bring a ho into your life.

Become higher quality and you should attract higher quality women.

And if you’re a woman reading this, be a quality woman and not a ho. We all have free will. It’s your choice if you want to use it or not.

By the way, that feminist? One of my buddies found her online. She didn’t age so well. Surprise surprise.

My theory on why we do this

This applies to both men and women. I’ve seen it a million times.

Our own lives need fixing. But instead of fixing our own lives, we try to fix someone else’s.

The solution?

Focus on fixing yourself.

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    1. The biggest challenge is bailing sooner than later. The longer a man plays that role, the more damage he receives.

      Luckily for me, I lived with her for less than a year so it was more a tough lesson than serious damage.

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