Women, education, and that extra 15 pounds

I know there’s gonna be that bitch ass beta male who will read this article and say “why you always gotta rag on women, Roman?”

OK simp. Let me tell you in advance why you’ve already misinterpreted this.

I write about whatever I want to write about. Usually it falls into a few categories – artists I like, art in general (including music), life, and self-improvement. I write for both men and women.

Now, huge difference between a man and a woman. A man can generally listen to criticism and take it to heart. A woman gets flustered by criticism. A beta male tries to play savior to the flustered woman and she rightfully finds his whole act unattractive.

Now, a strong woman, who I write this for, will actually consider what I’m saying. You see, if I offend an average woman, I don’t care. If I offend a beta male, I don’t care.

I write specially for two types of people – strong men, and strong women. Those two types of people are my peeps. I don’t like weak people because more than anything, they are time wasters. And it’s unfortunate I’ve already written 200 words explaining this shit that should simply go without saying.

Now onto the beef

Thank you FreeMatt. For the record, yes, I’m a fan of yours too. Thus the link in my blogroll, which you probably only see if you’re on a desktop. For some odd reason, the articles look great on this site if you’re reading it from a phone but you don’t really see the extras.

FreeMatt referenced my article “because that must means he loves her” which is an old Italian saying about rich, powerful men and mistresses.

That article is offensive to weak people. Because it deals in reality.

And FreeMatt does a great job at breaking it down and applying real life situations to it. Definitely put aside 20 minutes of your day and hear what FreeMatt has to say.

Also read my old article first so it makes sense.

Anyways, I’ll reiterate about value. Men and women are looking for what they perceive as value when looking at the opposite sex. What men value and what women value are totally different. And that’s great! Men and women are not the same, which is a wonderful thing. We each have our strengths and weaknesses and they compliment each other.

That extra 15 pounds

I haven’t met MPB nor her man yet. They’re both people I’d like to meet.

He’s a player. If I’m not mistaken, she’s his wife but he has girls on the side and sometimes she joins in. I could be wrong about the details but that’s my guess.

Anyways, what she said. Is it true?


A huge yes.

I don’t give a flying fuck what degree a woman has, what she does for a living, or her pedigree. I could care less.

Is she beautiful?

That’s what matters.

As for that extra 15 pounds, do you know who likes fat women? Insecure men. Men of low value. They know that’s all they can get so that’s what they aim for.

So if you’re a woman who’s overweight and complaining about the quality of the men you attract, MPB answers your problem. Take what you put into your mouth seriously. No more Cheesecake Factory with your fat friends. You know that beautiful girl you work with who’s on a keto diet? Yeah, maybe you should actually listen to what she’s saying instead of saying shit behind her back.

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