“You’re lucky you’re healthy”

Yes. I’ll readily concede that there is a little bit of luck involved.

I know a girl who died at the age of 24 because she went to school in a toxic waste dump and that area should really be a superfund site. If you don’t know what a superfund site is, look it up. Yet another reason I can’t stand those “trust the government” people. They’re fucking morons.

But I’ll get back to the main point. You can control what you can control. And here are some things I do that’s different from your average Joe and Jane.

Now a quick disclaimer – I’m an artist, not a health professional. It’s just in my whole life, I’ve only met three health professionals that were healthier than I am. One is my current chiropractor. One is a guy I used to wrestle with who is now an actual scientist. And one is a doctor who is also a competitive bodybuilder.

Once again, I’m an artist so take this with a grain of salt. But know that barring getting hit by a car, I’ll outlive most people by decades.

And one final tangent. I’ve said why many times but in case you’re a new reader to this blog, I want to live to be 100+ because it’s the only way I’m gonna catch Anton Bruckner. I’ll never catch someone like Tchaikovsky or Beethoven because I’m not a super genius. But Bruckner is a lot like me – a redneck with an insane work ethic.

The list

Don’t drive like a dickhead. Driving is the single most dangerous thing I do. Yes, I drink and I’ll enjoy an occasional cigarette. But drinking is one of those things where if you drink too much, you’ll kill your liver. If you drink nothing, you won’t get the blood thinning benefits of alcohol. So you aim for a happy medium.

As for cigarettes, they’ve been demonized. Great Aunt lived to be 105 and she smoked. Note – not two packs a day which will give you lung cancer, but her daily cigarette that she rolled herself. Huge difference.

Anyways, people underestimate just how dangerous cars are. Where I live, I need my car. This isn’t a want. It’s a need. And just this morning, I saw some asshole run a red light that has been red for over a full second. That’s what I’m getting at. Not only don’t drive like a dickhead, but look out for dickheads too. Assume they’re everywhere and hopefully you can avoid them.

Eat meat. There’s a famous vegan doctor who’s all over social media. I forgot his name but if I remember correctly, he just turned 49. I’m older than that clown and look decades younger. I’m also pretty sure I can knock his ass out within 4 seconds in a fist fight.

He’s weak. And he looks like shit.

Now someone like Dr Shawn Baker, I can get behind. When he talks, I’m all ears. If you don’t know who he is, he’s also all over social media. You’ll see videos of him eating meat all the time. Then he goes into the scientific mumbo jumbo about why meat diets are good for you.

That stuff all goes over my head. I’m an artist, not a scientist. But I take health advice from someone who looks healthy. Common sense, no?

Well, common sense ain’t too common nowadays.

Exercise regularly. I’ve worked with so many people who would start a workout routine then quit. Then they’ll give me a million reasons why they quit.

Look dumbass, how does telling all your excuses to me benefit you? Hint – it doesn’t.

Thank God I’m now just an artist. I don’t have to listen to these losers 8 hours a day anymore.

No, I don’t have any sympathy for them. If your whole life is Cheesecake Factory and excuses, don’t complain to me that you’re 50+ pounds overweight. You’re wasting my time.

That’s one of my pet peeves I talked about in my previous article – I hate time wasters.

My current job rules. I have super beautiful women come over. Or we go to a hotel and I paint them there. Then I go out and sell the paintings.

The beautiful girls I work with?

They don’t quit their workout routines. Weird how that works.

Then of course, they get to hear ugly women complain that they’re lucky they’re beautiful. Luck has nothing to do with it.

I drink copious amounts of coffee. I don’t miss social media. I’ll eventually get back on social media to help my sales but one thing I’m sick of – people try to manipulate the algorithms. These douchebags learned that saying something controversial is effective so they talk out of their anus every chance they get.

One thing you’ll get a lot of people to bitch about – how bad coffee is for you.

Fuck those people. They’re idiots.

Coffee is good for you. Grandma drank 9-12 cups of coffee a day and she lived to be almost 102. More importantly – her brain stayed sharp to the very end. Her body went out and that’s how she died. But her brain stayed sharp.

“But I can’t sleep when I drink coffee.” Then don’t drink coffee before you go to sleep, Einstein.

My word. Once again, common sense apparently isn’t too common nowadays.

I don’t give a flying fuck about most things. For some reason, I get people all the time ask me “what do you think about blah blah blah?” Then I reply either “I don’t know” or “I don’t care.”

Life is short. Get good at what you want to get good at. You don’t have to buy into someone else’s narrative.

“But this is important!”

Yeah, to you. It’s not to me.

Look, I’m a busy man. At any given time, I’m either working on my art or my music. Or I’m studying foreign languages. Or I’m working out. Or doing errands.

I don’t have time to look into the things you tell me to look into because you’re having a panic attack about it.

I don’t care.

Once again – you get to control your own narrative.

The extent of my politics is “is this dickhead trying to ban something I like?” I care about the Bill of Rights. I care about not getting involved in things we’re not supposed to get involved in (read George Washington. He’s a lot smarter than people realize). I care about the economy not crashing.

Other than that? I don’t care.

One of the best pieces of advice out there is “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Most stuff is small stuff and most things aren’t important. I focus on what 1. is important, and 2. I can control.

I love only people who deserve my love. And finally, this is underrated advice.

Love those who love you back. Be courteous by default but don’t be a kiss ass. And if someone treats your poorly, cut them off. Even if it’s a family member.

The older I get, the more important I take this section. Because it’s probably the most important of all.

Be selective in those you love. Because mental health is every bit as important as physical health.


  1. People who complain about not having time to exercise confuse me, especially when I see them watching a football (US) game for hours. They would have been more tranquil mentally if they would have taken a three hour hike at a moderately sloped trail.

    1. Exactly.

      They don’t have time to exercise but they have time to watch their football games/other sports/Netflix/binge watch tv shows/spend hours on Facebook/play a videogame for 30 hours.

      These same people want you and me to pay for their health insurance too.

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