Even self-improvement folks have blind spots

Nobody likes to admit that the problem is themselves.

If someone is single for a long time, the problem is them.

If someone is constantly in real bad relationships, the problem is them.

If someone is constantly broke, the problem is them.

If someone is 50 pounds overweight, the problem is them.

If someone can’t control their drinking and/or drug use, the problem is them.

If someone sucks at everything in life, the problem is them.

See, the sooner you realize all these things, the better. Then you can fix them.

But even self-improvement folks have blind spots. Myself included.

I played Captain Saveaho one too many times. I’ve let in a sociopath and two narcissists in my inner circle before. I should be fluent in Romanian by now but I’m still struggling to learn the language.

Now granted, I’m an elite guitarist. I’m an intermediate pianist. I’m a damn good pinup artist. I’m already decent at cryptocurrency investing. I beat the S&P 500 almost every year. I was a pretty good wrestler. I also was pretty good at soccer. I could still throw a football farther than most people, even at my age. In this year alone, I’ve had numerous people walk by me while lifting weights and saying “damn!”

Sometimes, you got to pat yourself on the back and give yourself credit for what you’ve accomplished so far. If you haven’t accomplished that much, get to work. The sooner the better.

Anyways, take a cold, hard look in the mirror. What have you accomplished? What are you proud of? But also, what’s wrong with your life? If it’s not important, work on what’s important. If it is important, how are you gonna fix it?

I’ve been taking figure drawing lessons to improve my artwork. Yes, even after selling paintings for thousands of dollars, I still take lessons.

I’m taking a new Romanian course because I was frankly learning too slowly. This one is more practical.

I also paid a cryptocurrency expert recently for a one-on-one.

And lastly, I’m actually learning from my wife on how to read people. She’s excellent at it. She sees red flags almost immediately. So I’m learning red flags.

Sometimes you gotta ask for help.


  1. My flaw that makes me work hard on self-improvement is thinking too much, especially in social situations. If I think less and act more, then I’d be frigging unstoppable.

    1. A HUGE problem with folks with high IQs. Analysis paralysis.

      That’s why you’ll often see average people do circles around smart people. Average people are more likely to act and super smart people are more likely to overthink and do little.

  2. Captain Saveaho… Watched my son go down that path at 18. I talked to him a few times, but didn’t want to push him. When the time was right, coincidentally my wife called me the same day begging me to talk to him, I did. Took him to a sit down lunch and gave him the saveaho talk, among other topics, he listened. Two years later, he can work circles around Twitter game gurus. He could always draw women with his looks and his gift of gab, I just taught him to make them chase him. He’s to the point where he impresses me in how they pursue and cater to him. Makes me proud. He needs to put together a course, but he’s too busy living life.

    1. Wow Sir! Nicely done.

      I wish more fathers would do this. Captain Saveaho is not a good route and one problem a lot of fathers have is they don’t share their wisdom with their sons.

        1. Same. I’ve yet to meet a man who said “happy wife happy life” that I actually respected. Usually they lived lives of quiet desperation.

  3. I would love if your wife shared her wisdom on reading people. I too have let narcs come right through the door not realizing it until the damage was done.

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